Media Design School

Media Design School

Founded in 1998 Media Design School in Auckland has provided a long-term commitment to innovation and excellence in game development education. The school provides students a production-based environment that blends essential technical and/or creative skills with a strong academic knowledge to produce graduates with the expertise to ‘hit the ground running’ in the industry. A …

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Discord by Team Origin

Lead Programmer: Campbell Dixon Lead Artist: Tom Campbell Lead Designer/Programmer: Matt Dalzell Lead Designer/Artist: Phillip Plant Artist: Caleb Holland Programmer: Zac Adams, Paul Jensen, Michael Childs Project Lead: Chay Trillo Tokyo has been overrun by hacked robots. Discord is a futuristic real-time squad-based strategy game set in robot-run Tokyo. The player must take control of …

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Dead Steel

Kiwi game wins ‘excellent’ award at IGF China

A group of students from New Zealand’s Media Design School have taken out the Excellent Student Winner prize at the 2nd Independent Games Festival Awards (IGF) China, known as the Sundance of the indie games industry. Dead Steel – a futuristic alien shooter made for PC, was the final-year project of a team of students …

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