DOTDOT is an Auckland-based game studio that specialises in behaviour change and educational games. Their work can be found online, in the app store, through a virtual reality headset and in public spaces as interactive installations. Find out more here;

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Dungeon, Inc. now available on the App Store and Google Play

PikPok launches new fantasy-meets-office incremental clicker game for mobile NEW ZEALAND, Wellington, May 12, 2017 – Leading games publisher PikPok® today announced the launch of their new original title, Dungeon, Inc., for Android on Google Play, and iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch on the App Store. In Dungeon, Inc., players manage the Gold Production branch …

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Welcome to the world of BRUTES.IO The online realtime multiplayer game of chaotic physics-based combat, brute evolution, crazy powerups and unlockable costumes – all within cartoon-themed levels of danger with daily global and regional leaderboards!

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Ninja Tobu

In Ninja Tobu, speed and accuracy are key, as you guide your ninja through platforms, enemies, spikes, spinning saws and more. Tap and drag from anywhere on the screen to power your ninja jump, then let go to shoot through the air. Aim for any surface not covered in spikes and you’ll stick to it …

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Rival Stars™ College Football Update Now LIVE!

Here at PikPok, we’re celebrating the Biggest Weekend in February with the Biggest Rival Stars Update yet! Since launching in November 2016 on Google Play and the App Store, Rival Stars College Football has gripped players around the world with its vibrant style, nail-biting tournaments, and stats laden gameplay. Today, we are thrilled to announce …

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Rival Stars™ College Football now available on the App Store and Google Play

PikPok expands popular Rival Stars sports brand into American Football NEW ZEALAND, Wellington, November 18, 2016 – Leading games publisher PikPok® today announced the launch of their new original title, Rival Stars College Football, for Android on Google Play, and iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch on the App Store. Rival Stars College Football is the …

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Ink Wars

Are you a fan of fighting games and bubble shooters? Ink Wars brings people together to share exciting fun matches for players and spectators alike. Feel the Thrill as Ink Wars bring you the true meaning of the Arcade genre. Ink Wars is The WORLD’S FIRST Bubble Fighter on the App Store! PLAY NEW Local …

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Created and Developed by indie company Focus Studios, AfterShock is an Open World/MMO/FPS game set in a zombie-fuelled, world in New Zealand. Loot, Build, fight and confront your enemies whether it be zombies or survivors. This is YOUR story! “Someone once asked me if I remembered how it all went down, as if it happened …

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Protonwar is a multiplayer focused, Fast paced AFPS with an emphasis on quick and flowing movement. . It features strafe jumping, advanced strafe jumping, wall running, wall jumping, step up double jumps and sliding movement mechanics! Play as a normal FPS, or play in SteamVR for a new VR FPS experience! . Includes game modes: Deathmatch, Team …

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Element is a realtime strategy space game for people who don’t have time to play realtime strategy space games. Element is a visually stunning realtime strategy space game with a focus on sharp, accessible gameplay. Element is for lovers of beautifully crafted, original looking games. It is for people who are into space and strategy …

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Small Worlds

Socialize and enjoy an online game that allows you to create your own online avatar to meet new friends, build your dream property, and live you virtual reality life the way you want to. In SmallWorlds, you manifest your life the way you want to in a virtual world of possibilities.

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Driedfrog Design Studio

“a well designed game is a motivational leap in the right direction” Driedfrog delivers the design know-how to realise your technology project, whether in computer game and simulation, or education and training design. Our specialist knowledge provides end-users with smooth, engaging, playful interactions that meet your outcomes. We provide as much or as little project management …

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New digital game on the future curriculum

Players of NZCER’s new app game must put forward their best argument to shape the future of education. Curriculum for the Future: The Digital Game is one in a series of three resources designed to generate thought-provoking conversations about learning and curriculum today and in the future. Curriculum for the future is the first resource of its kind to be produced …

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Fortress Destroyer

Build the biggest, most blisteringly powerful battleship fleet imaginable, then fight back against the tyrannical Blackwater navy! Choose one of 3 ship classes, then fill multiple gun slots with powerful weapons and add Bridges and Modules to get new abilities and enhancements. Take your custom ship build into one of 14 missions, and unleash pure …

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Farm Rules

Become a farmer for a day, driving quad bikes, moving cows and working hard in the great outdoors. Farm Rules is a farm safety serious game that teaches New Zealand kids about the key dangers on local farms. Experience a day on the farm: • Drive quadbikes and tractors • Move cows to the milking …

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Gumboot Glory

Clean, green New Zealand is under attack from nasty, unwanted pests in this gumboot-flinging educational game! Help Rosie the Cow clean up the country, by using her number 8 wire powered, gumboot flinging, Cowtapult, to give pests like Possums, Stoats, Rabbits, Thistles, Beetles, Weevils, and other hidden enemies the boot. Unlock a range of gumboots, …

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Glow Worm Adventure now available on the App Store and Google Play

Leading games publisher PikPok today announced the launch of Glow Worm Adventure for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Android phones and tablets. The game is developed by Pixelthis, based in New Zealand. Glow Worm Adventure sees the player solve intricate puzzles by sliding tiles around a board to create a path. The innovative Rubiks-style mechanic is …

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Scraps: Modular Vehicle Combat

Scraps: Modular Vehicle Combat is a vehicle combat game where you can build your vehicle from the chassis up from functional parts, with design as your ally and physics as your accomplice. Compete against human or AI opponents in a combat arena, and scavenge from their wreckage to repair and upgrade your own creation. Scraps lets you …

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Flick Kick Football Legends

Kick it old school with the latest game in the Flick Kick series; Tackle, Pass, Shoot and More! Defeat Rivals! Win the League! Become a Legend! Flick Kick Football Legends brings Flick Kick to all new heights with more diverse onfield gameplay, team building and management, and a multi-level league structure. Packaged in a vibrant …

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The Maze Runner

Unlock the mystery of the Maze and race to survive in the official The Maze Runner game! Join the community of Gladers trapped in the center of an ever-changing deadly maze. Run for your life while dodging falling boulders, fiery pits, and gushing aqueducts! Collect clues to unlock the Maze and complete new levels. Choose …

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Four Letters

Game—Play—Word—Free These are the words of FOUR LETTERS. Read—Make—Find—Easy We give you four letters, and you make a word as quickly as you can. More—Time—Fast—Best Keep making words to increase your score. The challenge increases the longer you last. Cool—Glee—Love—Grin Once time runs out, have another go! FOUR LETTERS is the endless word puzzle that …

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Into The Dead

In a world overrun with the Dead, you have survived… but for how long? Into the Dead throws you into the gruesome world of the zombie apocalypse where there are no second chances. Do what you have to in order to stay alive, keep moving as fast as you can, and protect yourself by any …

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Adventure Xpress

Adult Swim and PikPok, makers of Robot Unicorn Attack 2 and Giant Boulder of Death bring you their biggest game yet! • A new twist on Match-3 gameplay – Equip weapons, armor, and spells to personalize your strategy against foes. Match three or more runes to attack. • A huge journey – As part of …

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Rival Stars Basketball

The power to create the ultimate basketball team… is in your hands. Rival Stars Basketball gives you the control. Draft extraordinary players, plan your strategy and unleash your team on real opponents from around the world in thrilling card battles. Make heat of the moment plays to gain the lead as tension builds. Then at …

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Turbo FAST

Rocket to the finish line in Turbo FAST, the top mobile racing game! Challenge your friends for slick shell upgrades and delicious tomato prize pools! Head down to the Garage where Tito will show you the ropes and help you trick-out your own sweet ride! Race, drift, slide and jump your way to the top …

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Swing Racers

Swing Racers is a 3D racing game with controls that the touch screen has been waiting for! Swing your car around the house with a rubber band – the further you pull, the faster you go but the harder it becomes! It’s the most fun you’ll ever have with one finger! #1 Racing Game on …

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Morepork Games

Morepork Games is a small, Carterton based studio focused on creating fun, quality games that “fill the gaps”. Cory Spooner is the founder and current sole developer. He has shipped commercial titles such as Bioshock Infinite (Technical Artist), Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (Senior Technical Artist), The Bureau: XCOM Declassified (Level Artist), Jackass: The Game (Designer), Speed …

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Stickmen Media

Stickmen Media develop for platforms including Nintendo WiiWare, Sony PSN, augmented reality and Oculus Rift VR to efficiently access and target global audiences in excess of 750 million people. Stickmen Media and our business partners work hand in hand to produce top tier interactive media products which leverage the power of social networking to generate …

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Mobile hit Into the Dead™ now available to play on Facebook

NEW ZEALAND, Wellington, November 25, 2014 – Leading games publisher PikPok® today announced that their original game, Into the Dead™, has launched worldwide on Facebook.  The Facebook version extends the franchise from existing availability on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Google Play, Amazon Appstore, Windows, and Windows Phone where the game has achieved over 34 million …

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Depth from Digital Confectioners


Depth is a PvP multiplayer game which blends heart pounding tension and visceral action in a dark aquatic world. Playing as either a diver, or a shark, eliminate your enemies using a combination of stealth, cunning, and teamwork.

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Colour Runner

Android iPhone/iOS Colour Runner is a fast paced arcade endless runner game, where you play Pablo the chameleon in his quest to get fed. Change your colour to match the platforms, perform dashes to get into tricky positions, and eat as many flies as you can! Earn coins and spend them on cool hats with …

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Astral Byte Logo

Astral Byte

Astral Byte was founded in New Zealand by a dedicated gamer who was tired of the current trend in new games.  Companies are increasingly using things like restrictive DRM, exclusive release day DLC, unfair regional pricing and missing features that were promised but never delivered.  Instead, Astral Byte aspires to create games that are fun …

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NZ Video Games Win in Best of 2013 Lists

Five New Zealand video game makers have been lauded in major international Best of 2013 lists. Path of Exile by Grinding Gear Games has won GameSpot’s PC Game of the Year Award, Turbo Racing League by PikPok was the runner-up for Apple’s Best of 2013 Game of the Year, and indie developer Michael Brough was …

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Scarlet City Studios

Scarlet City Studios is about telling redemptive stories through digitally driven media. We want to engage this generation in the environments they inhabit with narratives and experiences that bring them to encounter hope and truth. We craft excellent media containing life-affirming messages, like a scarlet thread in a tapestry that draws people’s attention and so …

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Desolate Spectre Studios

  We’re not the good guys but we are the heroes. Desolate Spectre Studios is a video game development studio developing dark fantasy and horror titles and content for PC and consoles. The studio was established in August 2012 in Christchurch New Zealand. While the studio is primarily developing its own titles (Grymmstone: Death and …

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Stickmen Studios

  Stickmen Studios is dedicated to producing original and compelling, family friendly games for Console, PC and handheld platforms. The company’s goal is ‘Breakthrough Gaming’. Established in August 2006, the company directors performed several years of research within the games industry prior to opening the studio in New Zealand’s beautiful ‘Garden City’ Christchurch in June …

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Posteria lets you easily create witty and funny posters and share them with the world. Add your own unique take on challenge posters made up of unfinished sayings and even implicate your friends in dodgy situations. You’ve only got so many words to use but therein lies the challenge! What can you make? A poem? …

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Games deliver new insights into Autism

A free iPad game is giving the medical fraternity something to think about as it delivers fresh observations about children with Autism and Asperger Syndrome Nurfland is the first in a series of games being developed by Project Autismus, a not-for-profit group of game developers, parents, Media Design School students and psychologists in New Zealand, …

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Dungeon King

Fight your way deep into Dreadstorm Keep on a quest to defeat the evil dungeon lord Vulkhan … Dungeon King : Dreadstorm Keep Features! Unlock all 12 dynamic levels in the FULL version! Let all 24 monster types and 7 RARE monsters off the chain! LEVEL UP! Unlock brutal magical axes and items to crush …

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BulletProof – established in 2009 – is an independent game dev studio located in Auckland, New Zealand – with a passion for highly-polished cross-platform games. We have successfully released more than 15 self published and work for hire games, garnering more than 50 million plays worldwide, and are now developing for Mobile, PC and Console …

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Rescue 1:lift off

Rescue 1:lift off is an addictive flick-to-fly helicopter rescue game. – Fantastic graphics – Addictive just-one-more-go game play – Scores of upgrades – Loads of content – Hours and hours of game play Earn coins for rescuing stranded or injured people, collecting pick-ups (like stars and sheep), and earn mega-bonuses for flying huge distances. Starting …

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Rush Digital Interactive

Rush Digital Interactive (RDi) has a highly skilled team that has delivered solid products for customers of all sizes, including some of the worlds biggest and well known brands and media conglomerates. Apps that RDi has helped create have reached millions of customers world wide. RDi has in-house production capability with world class engineering resource. …

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Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary

Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary lets players care for their own rainforest as they raise butterflies through their incredible life cycle. Each butterfly is a cute and expressive depiction of a real life species, with stunning wing patterns and unique characteristics. Beautiful flowers are used to attract new species into the forest and complete sets from all around …

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British and Irish Lions roar in rugby union videogame sequel SYDNEY, Australia – March 20, 2013 – Home Entertainment Suppliers Pty Ltd (HES) announced today the development of Rugby Challenge 2: The Lions Tour Edition for PlayStation®3, Microsoft Xbox 360® and PC, by New Zealand based games developer Sidhe. The sequel product includes myriad new …


Bee Leader

Bee Leader – It’s busy time! The bees need you! Become a Bee Leader and help the bees fill their hives with honey. Fly around the world and hover over flowers to collect nectar. Look out for enemies and bad weather! Collect as much nectar as you can before the sun sets. The faster you …

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Flightless is a design and development studio. We specialise in projects for public, private and commercial clients, producing digital content, interactive software and immersive installations. We work on commissions large and small, across museum and visitor experiences, games and film, online and the visual arts. When not working on commissions we are an independent games …

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The pet collection game where you entice and tame exotic creatures. The once lush and beautiful world of Hakawa is now little more than a barren wasteland. You are in charge of a special wildlife reserve where you have the very important task of revitalizing the land and building a vibrant habitat for Terrapets, mysterious …

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Cerebralfix is a one of a kind game development studio based in Christchurch, New Zealand. Setting our roots in the mobile and casual gaming markets, we have rapidly become noted for our exceptional dedication to producing world-class results. Our teams strive to push the limits of their respective disciplines in the pursuit of excellence. We …

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Explore our fun-filled virtual dinosaur world full of games, adventures, costumes and prehistoric learning. Can you picture a T-Rex dinosaur dressed in pink camouflage gear hovering around a virtual town with a jet pack spewing fire strapped to it’s back? Sounds wacky, I know, but children love it!

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Path of Exile

Path of Exile is a free online-only action role-playing game set in the dark fantasy world of Wraeclast. Game Features: Completely free to download and play A persistent online world capable of supporting hundreds of thousands of players A dark and gritty game world rendered from a fixed 3D perspective Battle dozens of foes across a …

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Raptor Rage

Ricky the Raptor lived a good life surrounded by lush forests and green open spaces. Then the farm animals came! With the roar of chainsaws they felled his forest and shattered his peaceful existence. Help Ricky fight back and overthrow the animals.   It won’t be easy. Nothing worth fighting for ever is. You must …

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Custard Square

Custard Square is the name of a creamy, mouth-wateringly smooth desert pastry. Biting into one of these morsels of yummyness is a treat and guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Just like our games. Custard Square games are created by a dedicated team of game lovers with a passion for totally addictive, awesomely …

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Slam Dunk King

Are you a good enough baller to become the Slam Dunk King?! Show your skills with trick dunks and smooth moves, harness unique mascot powerups, earn those coins and improve your rank! Master and chain together over a dozen tricks to prove you are the best and become the King. Slam Dunk King has 3 …

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Monsters Ate My Condo

Adult Swim Games and PikPok present all-new monster puzzle action! Terrible catastrophe! Four ferocious monsters of destruction are on a rampage and only residential high-rises will satisfy their boundless hunger. In this larger-than-life puzzle game, you will use intuitive swipe controls to match the colored floors. Feed the creatures and prevent the destruction of all …

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SPARX is a self-help computer game for young people with symptoms of depression. The game has been developed by a team of specialists from The University of Auckland, Metia Interactive and funding was provided by the Ministry of Health. In order to actively engage young people, SPARX uses a 3D fantasy game environment and a …

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PikPok is a leading publisher of fun and addictive games across smartphone, tablet, and desktop. We deliver you great games, where ever and whenever you want to play them, from the bus stop to the living room. With a portfolio of original, licensed, and third party developed properties, PikPok delivers games that appeal to all …

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We use works of nature as inspiration for mobile games. It’s our goal to create accessible, beautiful experiences that bring a little light into our player’s day. Driven by a passion for innovative design and a belief that anyone can play, our small team work feverishly to create experiences that evolve with their audience. We …

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Pixelthis creates unique casual games for mobile devices and social networks. Our games and apps address the growing demand for high quality, intuitive, fun and unique content.  Since 2004, Pixelthis have crafted well over 100 games for clients such as Telecom, McDonalds, Air New Zealand and many others.  Pixelthis also have a growing portfolio of …

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Founded in 1997, Sidhe is an award-winning developer of console, handheld and PC games. Sidhe has a proven track record of creating high-quality, mass-market, licensed and original titles for a worldwide audience including the award winning original titles GripShift® and Shatter®, Speed Racer The Videogame, and Jonah Lomu Rugby Challenge. Sidhe also creates and publishes …

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Slam Dunk King

Music from Slam Dunk King™ for iOS now available online

WELLINGTON, New Zealand – October 17, 2011 – PikPok is pleased to advise that due to popular request, the “Dunking” main music track from our recent iOS title “Slam Dunk King” has been released online. The full track can be freely streamed or purchased exclusively from The track was written, directed, and performed by …

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PikPok® Announces Flick Kick™ Aston Villa for iOS and Android Releasing 13 Oct 2011

WELLINGTON, New Zealand – October 12, 2011 – PikPok® and Aston Villa Football Club have today announced the impending launch of Flick Kick™ Aston Villa, a team specific version of one of the UK’s highest performing mobile apps, Flick Kick™ Football. It features all the great parts of the original game as well as Aston …

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PikPok® Announces Slam Dunk King™ for iOS Releasing 29 September 2011

WELLINGTON, New Zealand – September 28, 2011 – Leading Smartphone games label, PikPok®, today announced Slam Dunk King™, a new free-to-play arcade basketball title for iOS releasing on 29 September on the App Store. The title enables gamers to show their skills with trick dunks and smooth moves, harness unique mascot powerups, and earn coins …

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Network Partners with PikPok and Grumpyface Studios to Create Unique Mobile Games

Adult Swim Digital announced today the launch of a new series of mobile games exclusive to the iOS platform. Part of a new initiative to further their partnerships with leading and independent game developers, Monsters Ate My Condo by PikPok is the first of five exclusive iOS games that will launch in the iTunes store …

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Flick Kick Rugby

Another addictive addition to the Flick Kick by Pikpok series! *As featured in the new Apple iPod Touch TV ad!* Will you score the game winning kick? Flick Kick™ Rugby brings intuitive, quick to play, on the go fun. Play for a few minutes or several hours! Challenge yourself to see if you have what it takes …

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Ninja Kiwi

Founded by brothers Chris and Stephen Harris in 2006, Ninja Kiwi rose to fame relatively quickly with the wild success of the Bloons and Bloons TD games. Ninja Kiwi prides itself on original, high quality flash and iOS games development. With licensing partners all over the world and a strong catalogue of IP, Ninja Kiwi …

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Path of Exile

Action RPG Path of Exile Launches Closed Beta Next Week, Details Hardcore PvP Combat

AUCKLAND, New Zealand – 3 August 2011 – After four years of development, the indie studio Grinding Gear Games has announced that their online action RPG, Path of Exile, will enter ‘closed beta’ on August 10th. They have also unveiled plans for a range of Player vs. Player combat options designed to encourage a competitive …

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Metia Interactive

Metia Interactive

Metia is 8 years new to the game development sector and our first international success was in 2007 with the release of our commercial puzzle game ‘Cube’ for the PlayStation Portable across all major territories. As well as developing commercial titles we also provide contracting services offering creative solutions for game development including designing serious …

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Sam Morgan Invests in Fast-Growing Social Game SmallWorlds

Fast-growing Auckland-based social game SmallWorlds has received $2.5m in an investment round led by TradeMe founder Sam Morgan to capitalise on the booming market for games played via social networks. Gaming is the fastest growing entertainment sector globally, and has already overtaken both the music and film industry in revenues. Launched in 2008 by entrepreneurs …

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Discord by Team Origin

Lead Programmer: Campbell Dixon Lead Artist: Tom Campbell Lead Designer/Programmer: Matt Dalzell Lead Designer/Artist: Phillip Plant Artist: Caleb Holland Programmer: Zac Adams, Paul Jensen, Michael Childs Project Lead: Chay Trillo Tokyo has been overrun by hacked robots. Discord is a futuristic real-time squad-based strategy game set in robot-run Tokyo. The player must take control of …

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Flick Kick Football

Kick it old school! See for yourself why Flick Kick® Football is the soccer game that people simply can’t put down! With intuitive swipe-to-shoot control, Flick Kick® Football is easy to play, but challenging to master! Flick your finger to curve, lob, drive and shoot the ball from all over the pitch. Test your skills in multiple modes, including …

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Dead Steel

Kiwi game wins ‘excellent’ award at IGF China

A group of students from New Zealand’s Media Design School have taken out the Excellent Student Winner prize at the 2nd Independent Games Festival Awards (IGF) China, known as the Sundance of the indie games industry. Dead Steel – a futuristic alien shooter made for PC, was the final-year project of a team of students …

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Puzzle Planets puts the awesome power of nature on your iPhone and iPad

WASHINGTON – April 6, 2011 – National Geographic Channel in partnership with Runaway are proud to announce the release of Puzzle Planets for iPhone and iPad, a new game that puts the powerful forces of nature at your fingertips. With a core concept inspired by the popular National Geographic Channel (NGC) series Clash of the …

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MiniMonos Homepage


MiniMonos is an on-line browser based virtual world for children who love to play and love the planet. The site, which launched out of beta April 1, 2011, has been growing by more than 20% per month for the past nine months and now has more than 500,000 registered members; it is generating revenue through …

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Shatter for PC now available on Steam

WELLINGTON, New Zealand – March 17, 2010 – Sidhe, New Zealand’s largest game production studio, today announced that its popular original title, Shatter™ is now available for PC download via Steam. The PC version of the game features new PC-exclusive game modes, Steam Achievements and leaderboards, and brings the excitement of the award-winning original title …

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Sklum Lord

Sklum Lord by Team Protato

Project Manager: Paul Svendsen Lead Designer: Eugene Bridger Lead Artist: Allen Shaw Lead Programmer: Andrew Young Programmers: Kyle Boucher & Logan de Heer Artists: James Gilliland, Colin Pyle & Benjamin Dawson Skug is an alien king. He must defend his natural homeland against the invading industrial Lerg. Sklum Lord is a 3rd person, single player, …

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Zen Puzzle Garden

Experience the most unique puzzle game available on the App Store. Step into the shoes of a young apprentice monk, intent on discovering the answers to life’s challenging puzzles. Rake towards enlightenment with Zen Puzzle Garden exclusively for iPad and now optimized for iPad 2! Can solve these unique puzzles and achieve a state of …

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Shatter is a retro-inspired brick-breaking game that merges familiar action with a modern-crafted production approach. Shatter will remind players of classic brick-breaking games, but with twists that make it modern and unique including: Innovative controls, physics effects, power-ups, special attacks, and boss battles which combine to provide an experience that is always interactive Standard, Boss …

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Old MacDonalds sheep station is suffering from a nasty drought. The sheep are quickly running out of grass, and all grassy paddocks look more like prickly hay bales! The neighbouring station has plenty of grass but is very far away. Cross more than 100 levels of barren deserts, haunted graveyards and snow-covered wastelands over four …

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Cube by Metia Interactive


Cube is a puzzle game with action elements, simple in concept and highly addictive. Set within a 3d cubic world, the player explores and discovers their way through suspended 3d platforms and mazes. Each themed level contains its own variety of contraptions specifically suited for the theme. With simplistic and stylish graphics and an original …

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