Want to get involved in game development and meet other developers or studios? There is a healthy community of events and professional conferences throughout New Zealand.  Check the News section, our Facebook group or Newsletter for upcoming events.

Annual Conference

The New Zealand Game Developers Conference 2018 will be held 1-3 August 2018 at Sky City Convention Centre, Auckland.  Previous years have been sold out with over 450 delegates and keynotes from some of the world’s most successful and acclaimed game developers.

Monthly Meetings

Other Conferences and Events

  • Exhibit your game in the NZ Games Showcase at Armageddon Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch each year.
  • Take part in the 48-hour Global Game Jam in late January in locations around New Zealand (and around the world).
  • Take part in the 48-hour Kiwi Jam mid-year.
  • Attend the Play By Play grassroots game development festival in Wellington.

Stay informed

Not all events or groups listed here are directly organised by the NZGDA, but are friends of ours.  If you’d like to promote a game making event or opportunity email