ASAP Shapes is a simple addictive puzzler where you frantically rush to match the right shapes with their pair as fast as possible within a short time-frame.

Rack up as many consecutive shape matches as you can before the timer runs out or before you incorrectly match a pairing. Tests get harder and harder as seemingly simple choices get lost in colors and shapes. Levels are designed for those who like puzzles focused on reaction and speed.

This game is incredibly simple to play, simply tap left or right to select the shape that matches the center pattern. But don’t let this minimalist puzzler fool you into thinking it’s easy. This is “spot the difference” at it’s most difficult. As you quickly begin to rack up a highscore, new shapes will be added to a randomly sorted list, ramping up the skill needed in an effort to throw you off your streak. Pattern memorization and quick reflexes are king here. Focus and find the shape’s similarities before time runs out to become the reigning champ of ASAP Shapes among your friends.

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