Become a farmer for a day, driving quad bikes, moving cows and working hard in the great outdoors.

Farm Rules is a farm safety serious game that teaches New Zealand kids about the key dangers on local farms.

Experience a day on the farm:
• Drive quadbikes and tractors
• Move cows to the milking shed and find lost sheep
• Fix broken fences and spray gorse
• Do your work while avoiding surprise dangers
• Learn the Farm Rules

Farm Rules is brought to you by Dairy New Zealand’s ambassador Rosie the Cow and WorkSafe NZ. This is a fun and educational way to learn about safety on farms, what can go wrong and the right things to do on farm.

A new free online farm safety game that children can play on smartphones, computers and tablets is the latest innovation in the quest to improve farm safety.

InGame worked with industry body DairyNZ, WorkSafe and ACC to create Farm Rules!, an engaging way for primary school children to learn about the risks involved with certain farm activities and how to minimise or avoid them. Agriculture is one of the highest risk industries in New Zealand, and quad bikes are one of our deadliest hazards.

Farm Rules! has children avoiding surprise dangers while tackling the challenges of farm life. From driving tractors and avoiding cow pats, players learn how to navigate through challenges to win the most points. With bright graphics and plenty of sneaky scenarios, players can become a farmer for a day moving cows, driving quad bikes and tractors, fixing broken fences and spraying gorse. They have to try do all the farm work while avoiding surprise dangers.

The computer game is being rolled out as part of DairyNZ’s education programme for children. In Term Four 2015 it was played by over 12,000 school children and resulted in 107,000 virtual quad bike rolling accidents – thankfully digital learning opportunities not serious accidents.