Clean, green New Zealand is under attack from nasty, unwanted pests in this gumboot-flinging educational game!

Help Rosie the Cow clean up the country, by using her number 8 wire powered, gumboot flinging, Cowtapult, to give pests like Possums, Stoats, Rabbits, Thistles, Beetles, Weevils, and other hidden enemies the boot.

Unlock a range of gumboots, each with different, devastatingly, destructive powers, including the Big Boot, Bouncy Boots, Boomerang Horse-Shoes, Possum Traps and stinky Cowpats, as you progress through four locations: The Bush, The Shed, The Playground and Rosie’s Office, on your way to conquering the Gumboot Glory game.

Protect New Zealand from pests, and play Gumboot Glory now!

InGame developed Gumboot Glory for Diary NZ as a fun, educational game tied to the Rosie’sWorld universe that would teach NZ children about responsible dairying; environment, animal welfare, community and economy.

Gumboot Glory’s concept was considered low risk because it was similar to the popular Angry Birds game. But this presented its own challenge in that it had to be at least as good, or have an original take, even though Angry Birds was created on a much larger budget. Today many children live on a diet of American and other international games so it was important for DairyNZ to base the game around recognisable New Zealand landscapes, gumboots and pests. And by making the game environment non destructible, players have the extra challenge of having to be more accurate – which keeps them coming back for more.

Gumboot Glory launched in February 2014 and saw over 10,000 people play the game in its first month.