Animator – Magic Leap / Weta Workshop

Company Description

Based in Wellington, New Zealand, award-winning special effects facility Weta Workshop is known around the world for our work on films like The Lord of the Rings, District 9, and Avatar. Now, we’ve joined forces with Florida-based technology company Magic Leap to create Dr. Grordbort’s Invaders: the first Mixed Reality Lightfield game built on Magic Leap’s world-changing new wearable tech. Deep within Weta Workshop’s Interactive Studio, we’re traversing a new frontier in gaming, one robot at a time.

If we had you at ‘robot’, then read on…

Our team is growing rapidly. Together, we’re a family of creators passionate about making incredible things and we’re seeking the best game-makers, storytellers, filmmakers, musicians, artists and miscreants to join us here on the Miramar Peninsula.

We’re breaking new ground in games and Mixed Reality, this is your chance to be a part of creating the future!

Job Description

Have you ever longed to disintegrate your tyrannical robot overlord with your trusty raygun? Of course you have, we all have; who needs motorised metal morons telling us what to do with our lives? Well now’s your chance to help thwart the mechanical menace by joining our team here at Weta Workshop and Magic Leap as an Animator.

As a member of the Invaders development team, you will be tasked with creating compelling, authentic character animations for both in-game enemies and story characters/NPCs of all shapes, sizes and limb numbers, as well as eye-catching environmental scripted events and weapons/tools animations on a grand scale.

So, what can we offer you? I’m glad you asked! We can promise you that your models and animations will help define the frontiers of a new medium, and if that wasn’t awesome enough – we can offer you the opportunity to work with a team of industry veterans who are currently creating something amazing and truly unique.


  • Create compelling, authentic and visually pleasing animations across in-game enemies, characters, weapons and environments.
  • Work with the Creative director and Art Lead, as well as members of the art, design and programming teams, to create immersive cutscenes and scripted events filled with memorable characters and events.
  • Basic modeling, rigging and texturing of story, level and player assets as required.
  • Engage in R&D of new tools and technologies relevant to the project.
  • Actively participate in project planning, content review and playtesting sessions.


  • Games industry experience, with at least 1 shipped title in an Animation capacity, is preferred but not required.
  • Expert knowledge of Maya and Photoshop, bonus points for Unity experience.
  • Working knowledge of MEL scripting. C# experience would be beneficial.
  • Experience working with multi-limbed characters and rigs.

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