Senior Game Designer – PikPok

Are you the Senior Game Designer we’re looking for?

We’re PikPok, New Zealand’s longest standing game developer, and we make great game experiences. We want to create and entertain, while being successful and enjoying what we do.

Over the years, we’ve built lots of games for all sorts of platforms, most recently titles like Dungeon Inc. and Into the Dead 2 on Android and iOS. Our teams are small, and everyone involved can contribute to the decisions that shape the products.

We’re always working to build and maintain an inclusive, safe and fun studio culture. We have an amazing group of designers, artists, programmers and support staff and we’re looking to add to it.

To us, design is about creating amazing play experiences that engage and entertain. Which brings us to you – we’re looking for a talented Senior Game Designer who knows how to motivate teams and help develop innovative designs. Games are collaborative exercises, and we want someone who’ll succeed through their interactions with all disciplines.

You love games!!! You have strong organisational skills. You’re a great communicator & team player and are able to grasp new concepts quickly. You have a deep understanding of and passion for F2P games. You are self-motivated and have confidence dealing with complex and challenging situations. You care deeply about our players and can deliver beyond their expectations

You will be a key force in driving the vision for our games, be pro-active in ensuring that our games meet industry best-practices in all areas, and above all are fun, fun, fun.

We welcome applications from diverse candidates and those with a range of backgrounds, skills, and experiences.


● Work with a core team of product managers, programmers, artists and other game designers to create world-class, highly entertaining (and retaining) game titles.
● Drive and develop the design and vision for titles, within any required brief constraints and in conjunction with the rest of the game’s core team.
● Work with product manager and development team to ensure that game is delivered on time, to budget and to highest possible quality – while maintaining design vision.

● Work on all aspects of a game design (either solo, or with others as required): from initial concept, to structure & flow, to level design, monetisation and stat balancing.
● Work with our Analytics team to develop innovative and compelling online experiences.
● Clearly communicate the game design to all parties, including 3rd parties and PikPok senior management, throughout development.
● Clearly document the design (and any changes/iterations) at all stages.
● Help design and monitor pre and post release analytics for games, and develop proposals for strategies to improve appropriate KPI’s throughout the product’s life-cycle.
● Arrange, facilitate and document meetings as required.
● Co-ordinate and liaise with relevant external parties such as clients, translation services and audio contractors as required.
● Actively research, and champion, industry best practice in all areas of game design and user experience.
● Work with PikPok’s design director on expanding the skills & knowledge of the design team.
● Meld to the needs of the team, filling other duties as required

Desired Skills & Experience

● 3+ years game development experience.
● At least 1 completed/released game title on which you had significant design input
● Excellent understanding of F2P game models, business models and the varying motivations that drive players to keep playing.
● Good self management skills; great ability to work with others in a collaborative environment.
● Expertise with Unity, Excel, Word etc. and a good ability to pick up new tools quickly.
● Strong customer focus.
● Burning desire to make highly entertaining games.


Please send your application along with a digital copy of your résumé/CV to: Additional contact details can be found below and by visiting us online at