Senior Programmer (AI)

Company Description

Have you ever longed to disintegrate your tyrannical robot overlord with your trusty raygun?

Of course you have, we all have; who needs motorised metal morons telling us what to do with our lives?!

Well now’s your chance to help thwart the mechanical menace by joining us at Weta Workshop and Magic

Leap as we build Dr. Grordbort’s Invaders – a Mixed Reality Lightfield g ame built on Magic Leap’s

world-changing new wearable tech.


Based in Wellington, New Zealand we are game-makers, filmmakers, musicians, artists and miscreants of

all shapes and sizes. We embrace cultural diversity and individuality – Apply forthwith and let’s chat about

how you might help us defeat the robot horde.


Job Description

We are currently looking for a Senior Programmer with previous experience working on AI systems to join

our growing team in Wellington, New Zealand.

As part of the programming team, you will primarily be responsible for working with game designers, artists,

and animators to create unique, fluid and aesthetically compelling AI characters which will both challenge

the player, and provide them with a fun gameplay experience. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to

develop various other gameplay and mixed reality systems and features as required.

Lastly, you will have the opportunity to work with an experienced team of industry veterans who are toiling

hard to create something amazing and game-changing. What more could you ask for?



● Design extensible AI architectures, and work with existing systems.

● Take ownership of low level navigation systems.

● In-depth knowledge of IK assisted animation systems.

● Work closely with art and design staff and be able to provide support tools they can use.

● Understand and be able to clearly communicate the tradeoffs between behaviors, fun factor, and the

technical costs.

● Actively participate in project planning, content review and playtesting sessions.

● Engage in R&D of new tools and technologies relevant to the project.



● Previously shipped titles which had a strong focus on character based navigation and combat in an

AI programmer capacity.

● Experience developing behaviour and animation trees.

● Experience with solving navigation challenges from low level nav mesh optimization, to using IK

animation systems in arbitrary environmental conditions.

● Previous experience with Unity and C# would be beneficial, but is not essential


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