Stickmen Media

Stickmen Media develop for platforms including Nintendo WiiWare, Sony PSN, augmented reality and Oculus Rift VR to efficiently access and target global audiences in excess of 750 million people.
Stickmen Media and our business partners work hand in hand to produce top tier interactive media products which leverage the power of social networking to generate revenue and create global online buyer communities.

We provide a complete suite of game development services for Wii™, PlayStation, XBox and PC, from concept design to cutting edge 3D production.
We also provide services to compliment game developers and publishers’ in-house teams. We develop virtual reality applications for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsng Gear and Google Cardboard.

Stickmen are proud to be a part of a  new and exciting Enterprise Precinct and Innovation Campus (EPIC) which will become an iconic component of the new Christchurch.