Our Members

We make co-op mobile games to connect friends, family, and strangers. We were founded mid-pandemic in 2020, and backed by Supercell. We’re a remote studio – with the core team in New Zealand, but with contractors and support around the world. Our mission is to provide cooperation practice for billions of humans, to make the world a more connected place. The founding team includes Tim Knauf, an early hire at Magic Leap in Wellington, and Joe Raeburn, the founding product person at Space Ape Games. Together they’ve shipped 20 titles and made over $150 million.
A44 was born in 2013 with the goal of making games we want to play. Located in Wellington, New Zealand our team is a sophisticated group of game developers and world-leading visual effects artists who excel at meticulous gameplay and cinematic experiences. We blend the bravery of an independent studio with the quality of AAA development to make great games. There is nothing in this world we would rather be doing.
Astronaut Diaries is an indie games studio founded by Shrikkanth Sreedharan in 2017
We’re an award-winning Kiwi game development studio based in Dunedin (Ōtepoti), Aotearoa New Zealand. We are the creative minds behind Before We Leave, a strategic, cosy city-building game that allows players to build immersive interplanetary civilisations at their own pace.
Bexcellent Games Ltd
Based in Rotorua creators of Jelly God an indie game
We make social VR games that make you smile.


Big Adventure
Big Adventure exists to learn from and serve the market of roguelike deckbuilder players. We place great importance on testing demos and adapting to player feedback.
Game development is a passion and it’s time to let players in on the fun!


Bunguin Games
Bunguin Games is an Indie game development company based in New Plymouth, New Zealand.  



Cerebral Fix
For the past decade this Christchurch-based studio has been home to 50 dedicated game makers that own or support the delivery for an impressive resume of clients, projects and franchises that include the biggest entertainers in the world.

Formed in 2009 by Benjamin Dellaca, CerebralFix has not focused on making its own content and has instead thrived in the contract work environment, becoming a household name for development within Disney, Universal, Pixar and Dreamworks. The studios year on year success is a testament to the strengthening relationships they are able to hold within these entertainment giants and there is an exciting future ahead as they make the move towards producing their own games leveraging the relationships and entertainment properties of their clients to bring new and exciting experiences to the world.

Alongside their mostly game development properties, CerebralFix has also partnered with multiple Christchurch companies to develop VR training and simulation products, one of these a radiography simulation which is in use as part of the curriculum at nearby Ara Institute of Canterbury.

Cosmic Soup Games
Cosmic Soup Games is a small indie developer based mainly in Ōtautahi/Christchurch. They’re focused on making weird games centred around player agency and compelling narratives.  
Cloudfire Studios
We are an independent video game development company based in New Zealand with over two decades of combined experience.
We are currently creating Starport Delta, a space station builder strategy game where players must balance resources, station maintenance and resident requirements.
Digital Confectioners
Digital Confectioners is a game studio in New Zealand, focused on creating high quality service based games for PC and console.
Dinosaur Polo Club
Dinosaur Polo Club is an independent game development studio, based in beautiful Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand. The studio was founded in 2013 by twins Robert and Peter Curry, and is best known for their award-winning debut Mini Metro. Created in collaboration with Disasterpeace and Jamie Churchman, Mini Metro explores relaxed and minimalist subway design on iOS, Android, PC, Mac and Nintendo Switch.The last couple of years have seen the studio grow, and we’re working on some new and exciting games. With an inclusive and supportive culture that believes in giving back to its creative community, watch this space to see what Dinosaur Polo Club releases next.
DOTDOT is a creative studio that combines gaming technology with traditional storytelling to create innovative experiences both on-screen and in real-world environments. Whether it be creatures that live on the side of buildings, or immersive 3D worlds where every element is a musical instrument you can play, our team brings the audience into the story-world and makes them active participants in the story.Happiest when playing at the edge of what is possible, our work includes prototyping virtual reality experiences for some of the world’s biggest tech companies, creating an Augmented Reality documentary that you navigate with physical movement, producing interactive digital installations for museums and galleries, and designing games that teach complex ideas. Visit our website to check out our recent work.
Eagle Technology provides IT services and support and is the distributor for global software leader Esri’s ArcGIS platform in New Zealand and the South Pacific.
Flightless is a design and development studio. We specialise in projects for public, private and commercial clients, producing digital content, interactive software and immersive installations.
We work on commissions large and small, across museum and visitor experiences, games and film, online and the visual arts. When not working on commissions we are an independent games developer. Flightless
Gamefroot is passionate about the ability of making games to radically improve learning outcomes.Gamefroot is an easy to use platform to develop, test, and publish games. Online courses are designed to be efficient, comprehensive, and straightforward enough to be used by young people, schools, teachers, museums, and learning spaces anywhere! Gamefroot
Hashbane Interactive
Hashbane Interactive was originally formed in 2021 by two partners, having previously worked extensively together and created successful studios over 10 years on commercial visual production in various fields, including 3D animation, architectural visualisation, video production and interactive experiences for clients across the globe and successfully completed hundreds of projects for satisfied clients from start to finish, with deadlines of a few weeks to years.We have a diverse local & remote team that thinks and collaborates globally. We’re a team passionate about developing the best games possible in a creative and respectful environment, our teams have the freedom to contribute and develop both professionally and personally. We’re currently focused on our breakout title Instinction, a prehistoric action-adventure set in modern times.

We are looking for talented and devoted people to join our team, get in touch and be part of pushing the boundaries of interactive entertainment!

Hyporeal studio started in 2020 in the small city of Dunedin, New Zealand, with the aim of creating beautiful, mysterious and emotive games that stick with our players forever.
IGC makes Next Generation Collectables from customised characters created in game.
JIX, headquartered in Christchurch and operating for over 6 years, is a cutting-edge technology studio at the forefront of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Vision AI, and Interactive game development.  Our multidisciplinary team, driven by innovation, works collectively to create bespoke digital experiences. These experiences are meticulously designed to captivate, educate, and entertain, delivering immersive and engaging solutions that redefine learning, storytelling, and marketing in a digital age.  https://jix.co.nz/
Jump Punch Kick
Jump Punch Kick is a small but fierce indie game studio based in Wellington, New Zealand.  We mix innovative ingredients into classic genres to create experiences that you’ll play for years. Our debut title was T20 Card Cricket, an innovative mix of sports and memory-matching card game for iOS and Android that made multiple top 10 lists around the world. Our current project is Hour of Reckoning, a single and co-op multiplayer top-down hero shooter where your squad must escape a futuristic death-sport game show in under 60 minutes. 
We are in a start-up phase of development and have been working and co-creating with many amazing and talented artists and technicians around Aotearoa (NZ). We co-created the T.O.A. trailer series with Weta Workshop and Weta Digital.
Legend Story Studios
Legend Story Studios is a game design, development, and publishing studio based in Auckland, New Zealand, and we are on a mission to change the global Trading Card Game (TCG) industry. Trading Card Games are an incredible medium for bringing people together as a community. They are a force so powerful as to transcend the barriers of age, race, religion, gender and even spoken language, through a common language of “playing great games.”

In our wonderful world of breathtaking technology, we believe the need for local communities, forging local friendships, will never be out of date. We are grateful to the Local Game Store (LGS) owners and staff around the world who work hard to provide welcoming environments for local TCG communities to exist.

It is our mission to create value for Local Game Stores, so they may continue to support the common language of “playing great games” in their stores for generations to come.

Our belief in the value of local communities goes right to the heart of our product design. Every time people come together in the Flesh and Blood to play our game, we achieve our goal.

Liquid Static Studio

Liquid Static Studio is a creative design studio specialising in game development, XR and cross-media innovation. Our mission, whether for internal or client projects, is to create works that connect deeply, promote creative growth and redefine the boundaries of interactive art and games.

Little Monkey

We create unique and bespoke products like no other. If what you need is a cutting edge mobile app, engaging game, or industry best interactive experience, then get in touch with us today.  Let us power your journey and bring your vision to life.

A scrappy Auckland-based indie bootstrap game dev startup with big dreams and no money.  

An inclusive diversive studio creating joyful and beautiful games for everyone to enjoy.
Metia Interactive
Metia Interactive is a game design and development studio based in Auckland, New Zealand and was founded in 2003 by managing director Maru Nihoniho.Metia’s first published title was Cube™ a puzzler game for the PlayStation Portable. Cube was published world wide in 2007 by D3Publisher of America.

Metia was behind the development of SPARX a self-help e-therapy tool that teaches young people the key skills needed to help combat depression and anxiety. It is available for free online through the Prime Minister’s Youth Mental Health Project.

Metia is an award winning studio with our games receiving the United Nations World Summit Award for Cube in 2009, the United Nations World Summit Award for SPARX in 2011 and another international award for SPARX the UNESCO Netexplo award in 2013.

Mytona is a global group of companies specialising in video game development and publishing. Mytona is an international team headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand uniting industry professionals from all over the world since 2012.Mytona is the creator of hits such as Seekers Notes, Cooking Diary; and is the publisher of popular PC games Propnight and The Day Before which are in the survival game genre.

We encourage individual and organic growth for our teams and projects! Despite being a large contender within the gaming industry, we have a flat structure, value employee connection and have open free flowing conversations with each other. Mytona employees unite to propel our vision and motto of ‘making the world a happier through our games’!

Founded by brothers Chris and Stephen Harris in 2006, Ninja Kiwi rose to fame relatively quickly with the wild success of the Bloons and Bloons TD games. Ninja Kiwi prides itself on original, high quality flash and iOS games development. With licensing partners all over the world and a strong catalogue of IP, Ninja Kiwi is well placed for strong organic growth in a competitive marketplace.!
November Games
November Games is the provider of Echelon – the first and only free platform that radically increases viewership for games and players on Twitch. We endeavor to put pro-gaming in the hands of every player on Earth, while empowering indies to take their streaming presence to new heights. Join us.

Build a Healthy Future with Nutri-Islands
Follow Ote’s journey to improve their families’ health and learn about micro- and macro-nutrients along the way.
We are a new and ambitious gaming studio, founded in 2014, as a strategic choice in setting up a creative, and diverse centre of game development in Auckland, New Zealand. We pride ourselves on creativity, fun and freedom of ideas. We work hard but have fun while we do it! Our teams are full of passionate people who love what they do and the diversity of our teams adds to the uniqueness of our company culture which thrives on collaboration, creativity and freedom of ideas.
PikPok is a leading publisher of fun and addictive games across smartphone, tablet, and desktop. We deliver you great games, where ever and whenever you want to play them, from the bus stop to the living room.With a portfolio of original, licensed, and third party developed properties, PikPok delivers games that appeal to all consumers with pick-up-and-play gameplay, high-quality art, and immersive audio design which provide rich game experiences. PikPok has released multiple critically and commercially successful games including Flick Kick® Football Legends, Super Monsters Ate My Condo™, Into the Dead®, Shatter® and more.
Prismatic Studios is a game development studio founded in 2020 and residing in Auckland, New Zealand. We have worked with clients around the world in consulting, video game development, and the use of game engines for other exciting real-time applications.
Rainbite is a small, independent studio based in New Zealand. Our first game, Reverie, released in early 2018 on the PS4 and PS Vita and a year later on the Nintendo Switch.
A small Auckland-based game development studio working on our debut game for PC release.
RocketWerkz has two studios: a AAA studio on the waterfront of Auckland, working on AAA titles such as ambitious sci-fi survival game on Icarus, and our indie studio in Dunedin.The team features alumni from Bethesda, Activision, Weta Digital, Grinding Gear Games, Bohemia Interactive and the worlds of film and animation. Founded by Dean Hall, creator of hit survival game DayZ, we are independently-run but have the backing of one of the world’s largest games companies, Tencent. Dean returned to New Zealand to found RocketWerkz in 2015, and secured strategic investment from internet giant Tencent in 2016.
Runaway is an independent game developer and publisher based in Dunedin New Zealand. We build beautiful games inspired by the natural world, and supportive communities that our players are proud to belong to for years.


Soundcreature is a highly experienced and agile New Zealand-based sound team offering flexible and full audio support for games, interactive and linear productions of any size.
Our passion is to help bring stories and worlds to life through the artistic use of sound and technology. 

Space Rock Games
Space Rock Games is an independent video-game development studio located in New Zealand.  We are a fully remote team of artists, programmers, game and audio designers working on a variety of projects including video-games, animated shorts, VR/AR apps and gamified experiences.

While we work with people around the globe we are also developing our own unannounced game built in the Unreal Engine.

Boutique indie game studio based in Dunedin, New Zealand.
Spotted Kiwi Interactive is an Independent Game Development Studio.
Staples VR
StaplesVR is a multidisciplinary creative technology company with work spanning across sectors such as Advertising, Entertainment, Medical, Aviation, Health and Safety, Training and beyond.Our tribe are leading experts in creative technologies such as Virtual and Augmented Reality, 360 Video Production, Digital Human Capture, 3D Modelling and Emerging Technology.  Our award-winning studio specialises in using technology to develop solutions to problems.
Synergy Digital
As a team of designers, thinkers and creatives located in Auckland, Aotearoa—Synergy Digital is a provocative creative technology agency focused on imagining and building highly-interactive digital experiences that push the limits of technology.Founded in play and experimentation, we work with emerging technologies to create thought-provoking narratives and simulations.
Synty Studios is a world leading, award winning game asset development studio based in Wellington New Zealand. Our studio publishes asset for the Unity Asset Store, Unreal Marketplace as well as our own store.
At Wētā Workshop’s game studio, we devote our careers to crafting immersive games, lavished in detail and brought to life through storytelling.
As a creative business, we know that inspiration is achieved by working with people who have a range of experiences and perspectives. We strive to create a culture of belonging, where our team members feel welcome, supported and diversity is celebrated. After all, games are for everyone. Weta Workshop