REGENERATE Game Jam is a 48-hours of reimagining farming in games to focus on regenerative and sustainable practices. 

We can’t imagine what we cannot see. This Game Jam will go some way to answer the question, “how can we change the world if we keep reinforcing the same ways of doing things – no matter how harmful?” Regenerate Game Jam 2022 is your opportunity to create fun and visible climate action towards the regeneration of people, place and planet.

Regenerate game jam is an inclusive game jam. We will help team up for those looking for a team, and with our mentors, support them to get to the finish line.  We encourage participants of all experience levels and aim to foster a diverse and inclusive safe space for people to create games.

Science tells us that we need to shift to sustainable farming methods to mitigate the climate, soil and biodiversity crisis; let’s make sure that pop culture is keeping up.


The REGENERATE Game Jam will run 18th -20th February  2022 NZST.


The game jam will run on the REGENERATE Game Jam Discord server.

Only registered participants will be allowed access to the full discord server.

Registration details – We have a variety of mentors available to answer your questions during the jam.

In addition, we have a limited number of team mentors, which will be assigned on a first-come-first-served basis.


February 18
February 20