Created and Developed by indie company Focus Studios, AfterShock is an Open World/MMO/FPS game set in a zombie-fuelled, world in New Zealand. Loot, Build, fight and confront your enemies whether it be zombies or survivors.

This is YOUR story!

“Someone once asked me if I remembered how it all went down, as if it happened so long ago that anyone could forget, so yeah I remember, I remember when our streets and homes turned into war zones, I remember when the world went dark, I remember when they tried to contain it as if it was ever going to stop anything, I remember when we worked together instead of killing, so yeah I remember how it all went down, but none of that matters anymore, I’m a killer, a survivor, and nothing will ever stop me from out living the AfterShock.”

AfterShock is in steam early access. Click HERE to view.