Fight your way deep into Dreadstorm Keep on a quest to defeat the evil dungeon lord Vulkhan …

Dungeon King : Dreadstorm Keep Features!

  • Unlock all 12 dynamic levels in the FULL version!
  • Let all 24 monster types and 7 RARE monsters off the chain!
  • LEVEL UP! Unlock brutal magical axes and items to crush them with!
  • Completing the quest isnt the end ~ each playthrough is DIFFERENT!

Additional Details:

  • You play as a Barbarian who’s mission is to cleanse Dreadstorm Keep of the evil Vulkhan and his minions who have been terrorizing your lands.
  • The game features room by room action down thru 12 randomly chosen dungeon levels culminating in the showdown with Vulkhan himself.
  • Every time you play – the game changes due to randomly chosen dungeon levels with dynamic enemy swapping and unique enemies.
  • As you progress you gain XP to level up 3 Active skills and 6 Passive skills with bonus Perks for fully upgrading a skill.
  • You also collect gold in which to purchase various equipment with special attributes, effects and rarity values.