Are you a fan of fighting games and bubble shooters? Ink Wars brings people together to share exciting fun matches for players and spectators alike.

Feel the Thrill as Ink Wars bring you the true meaning of the Arcade genre.

Ink Wars is The WORLD’S FIRST Bubble Fighter on the App Store! PLAY NEW Local Versus Mode against your family and friends! Experience Smooth Real-Time Bubble Versus excitement for the first time ever on a touch device!

There are 26 characters, each with their unique attributes, grid patterns and play-styles. All characters are animated using beautiful hand-crafted HD sprites that’s rarely seen in an app game.

Over 12 enchanting Background Music tracks which further enrich the Ink Wars experience.

● First Versus Bubble Fighter Game in the App Store!
● Over 888 frames of beautifully hand-drawn animation!
● Collect up to 26 unique characters!
● Battle side-by-side in Local Versus with friends and competitors!
● Destroy every opponent with a satisfying finishing sequence!
● Discover your favorite character to suit your playing style!
● Use Power-Ups to annihilate your enemies!