Zombeeze, the zombie themed puzzle app in 3D is available now in the Apple App Store and will be available shortly on Android. $US1.99


Zombeeze is a 3D 1st person zombie based puzzle. You must escape from the cemetery, avoiding the zombies that lie in wait behind the various trees and gravestones. You have only your torch and your wits to guide you.

There are two hundred levels of increasing difficulty. Zombeeze is spooky and addictive. It was developed in Earthquake city, Christchurch New Zealand, by fledgling studio, Desolate Spectre Studios.

A simple turn based system where the player is situated in a graveyard and surrounded by trees and gravestones which are obstacles in the game. The player makes a move, and then the zombies get to make a move. If the zombies see your character they will pursue. If a zombie touches you then you are dead and the level restarts. If you make it to the pool of light you are transported to the next level of the cemetary.

If a player needs it there is an overhead view that will assist the player to plan their escape. The game is spooky and addictive. Don’t play before bed.

There are two hundred levels

Achievements can be earned in the game and can be published to facebook if that option is selected. The high scores and awards are published on the awards page. A simple Rules page tells the player how to play.

Tech Specs
iPhone and iPad
IOS 5.0 or better
iPhone 4 and 5 or better
iPad 2 or better

It is available now on the app store at https://itunes.apple.com/nz/app/zombeeze/id839233282 orĀ  on vanity download url appstore.com/Zombeeze
It has a support website at www.zombeeze.com
It has a facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Zombeeze
It has a trailer at http://youtu.be/8GNULoZKJ6s
Finally, a press kit is available on request from brook@desolatespectre.com

Contact Us
Brooklyn Waters
Email Address brook@desolatespectre.com
Phone Number +643 420 9012
Mobile: +6421 605 081