NZ residency or work visa required

Role Summary: 

As a Junior Technical Designer, you will work closely with other members of our Design team to deliver on technical aspects of the creative vision for the game as outlined by Design Leadership. Together you will help build and maintain new and existing systems required to make story-driven open worlds, and create memorable gameplay experiences within them. 

You will be expected to take ownership over your tasks while collaborating with different departments to bring content to life in a way that puts gameplay first. You will need to be an effective team player who can contribute to new and existing ideas, take constructive criticism and feedback, and adjust to change in design choices as necessary. 

Role Duties: 

  • Implement gameplay elements into levels and suggest new ways of using interactive and non-interactive elements to bring out the desired gameplay or player emotions. 
  • Support the maintenance of existing in-house tools and processes. 
  • Prototype, iterate and polish moment-to-moment gameplay in levels and work with other designers and departments to achieve high quality designs that are fun to play. 
  • Create and maintain design documents which describe the design intent, following our established processes. 

The above list is not exhaustive, and the role may change to meet the overall objectives of the company. 

Required Qualifications/Experience: 

  • Bachelor’s degree in game development and/or 1 year relevant experience. 
  • Portfolio of work including completed projects and written game design documentation. 

Required Competencies: 

  • Willingness to learn and ability to adapt to new processes, accept critique and iterate. 
  • Ability to conceptualize, critically analyze, prototype and implement game ideas. 
  • Attitude of being a team-player in an energetic multidisciplinary team. 
  • Ability to collaborate with designers and artists to create compelling content for players to explore.
  • Understanding of industry trends, game design methodologies, and the ‘Soulslike’ genre. 
  • Experience with Unreal 4 (UE4) Blueprints.


To apply please email jobs@a44games.com with the Job title, your CV, your cover letter and your portfolio if applicable

Applications close

May 31, 2022