Big Adventure is a start up in Wellington, NZ with the mission to develop the most fun Roguelike Deckbuilders for Steam.

We will explore the genre;

its themes, its styles, its pitfalls;

its players, their motivations, their fantasies.

We want to know everything about Roguelike Deckbuilders and we are eager to test our ideas with players to learn from their feedback.

Are you a game explorer?

  • Does your digital art have tons of hidden layers because you tried a lot of ideas before you chose the best one?
  • Do you feel the need to explore different styles, tones, and colour palettes to find the right match?
  • Do you love it when you stop a conversation with “wait, let me show you”, draw a quick sketch only to hear “aha, I get it…”

We need someone who seeks to discover the art style that matches the theme and gameplay of our games. We need someone who transforms visions of fun into real games, every day.

We’re going to remain roughly 5 team members so this is an opportunity to take on a lot of responsibility within the team. There is room for you to spread your wings and make your mark.

Our ideal candidates can do a bit of everything when it comes to game development. When not drawing, how else do you see yourself pitching in?

Responsibilities include:

  • Contributing to sprint goals
  • Developing games
  • Helping players discover our games
  • Helping team improve how it works together
  • Helping company improve how it works together
  • Learning everyday

Requirements to apply:

  • 2-5 years professional industry experience working as a 2D artist, Concept artist, Graphic Designer or UI artist
  • Experience working with Unity, C#, and Photoshop
  • Worked on at least 2 commercially released games within the last 5 years
  • Must have right to work in New Zealand

Learn more or apply via this link.


Big Adventure

Who we are: At Big Adventure, our goal is to master making and releasing engaging roguelike deckbuilders. Players determine our success, so it is vital that their feedback is heard early and often. From the moment we find the fun in a prototype, we want to develop and nurture the demand for that experience along with our players, and then deliver on those expectations. We grew up playing and loving games, now that we make them, we recognize and embrace that players have a desire to play a bigger part in their gaming experience. We’re here to put game jams, demos, early accesses in front of players and take in all they have to say, good or bad. It’s time to let players in on the fun!