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2UP Games Limited

At 2UP Games, we make co-op mobile games for a massive audience.

Our mission is to bring the joy of cooperation to hundreds-of-millions of players every day. Our games are great to play with strangers. They’re even better with family and friends.

We’re a remote-first studio, backed by Supercell. You get the adventure of a startup, but with the security of being funded by the biggest names in mobile games. Are you ready for more autonomy, rewards, and opportunity for mastery? Are you raring to make something special with a small team? Read on…

Job Description – Senior Artist

As the first artist at 2UP Games, you will enjoy unrivalled scope to create appealing mobile games. You’ll be awesome at making casual-yet-distinctive mobile art. You’ll be there right from Vis Dev to live operations.

Hundreds of millions of players will see your characters in the App Store. Players will decide, “That’s for me! Let’s download it!”. Those same players will spend years in the game worlds you help shape.

You will take the lead on the characters, worlds, and style. These will resonate with people from all sorts of backgrounds. Spoiler alert: you won’t be drawing space marines or chainmail armour.

But you will be drawing. And outsourcing. And collaborating with programmers and designers. This is a startup. Roll up them sleeves, or they’re gonna get paint all over them (or more accurately, your sleeve buttons will scratch your Cintiq).

The ideal candidate will have 5+ years experience making mobile games, and be amazing at most of these things :

  • Massively appealing art: Develop visually-striking original IP that resonates with a huge audience.
  • Teaming Up: You realise that feedback and iteration is part of making great game art. You collaborate with programmers to make your art come to life, and UX designers to make the game beautifully usable.
  • Visual development: What is the aesthetic? What do the characters and world look like? Why do they look that way?
  • Mockups: You can visualize what the finished game might look like through mockups. You find issues and opportunities early, to enable fast iteration.
  • Appealing characters: It’s hard to make iconic and loveable characters. But you have the skills and perseverance to get there.
  • Pipeline & Process: You have an idea of how art should be made and integrated. (Each sprint, we’ll all spend a little time making our tools and processes better.)
  • Full-scene balancing: How can we ensure the player’s eye is drawn to the right elements? You will enforce the hierarchy of visual information, to ensure the right pixels shine at the right time.
  • Managing outsourcers: You have experience getting outsourcers to make things nearly as well as you can.
  • Getting small-screen art made: Your ideas are beautiful. But you know the real power of mobile game art is how it works on the small screen. You understand the limits and advantages of making great mobile art.

About Founding Employees

You’ll be a founding employee. What does this mean?

  • You get excited about bringing people together through co-op games.
  • You may not know much about co-op (yet!), but you are pumped by the challenge of making co-op work on mobile.
  • You’ll model and improve our employee values. Have a look at them and see if that’s something that sits right with you.
  • You’ll be invested in improving your studio. And you’ll want to share the upside when things go right for the company – ask us for more info on equity options.
  • You’ll help us figure out remote working. So far, so good. But we don’t stop at “good”. We want this to be the place where we do the best work of our careers. How can you help?
  • You’ll see boring health and safety statements and raise a wry smile. But seriously, please do take care of your home office environment. You’ll get a budget to ensure you have great gear. Use it, align it, and your body will thank you for it in your retirement. Any questions, just ask.

About Working Hours

We want the team to be happy and productive for the long haul. We balance a sensible baseline with the occasional need to push hard.

  • Baseline of 40 hours per week.
  • Some flexibility when you work the hours within a week.
  • Occasional surges around milestone releases.


Drop us a line on Please include your CV, why you’re interested in the job, and a link to your portfolio.

Applications close

March 31, 2021

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