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International applicants welcome

I’m embarking on the adventure of a lifetime – care to join me?

My name is Kenny Roy, and I’m thrilled to introduce November Games, a brand new game development and social platform tools company in New Zealand. I founded November Games this month after 4 years of solo-developing a brand-new-genre-launching game. Three waves of Covid, a thousand Zoom calls, and a successful pre-seed round has set up the company to launch the new-genre game in 2022!

The Game

“Steamcore” is an MMO FPS with a brand new mechanic that levels the playing field of esports, changing the nature of social gaming as we know it.  Bold claim, I know! But it’s why we’ve signed a deal for marketing and launch support from a major game platform and how I was able to raise the funding to launch a company to finish it! Suffice it to say, Steamcore will be a news story in 2022 and played by many.

Currently the game is in playable alpha stage, with all mechanics working and placeholder artwork. Over the course of the next year, we will launch an open beta and show the world the next evolution of social gaming.

The Company

Have you always wanted to make a big mark on the games industry, like launching a new genre? Does the idea of being ground-floor at a new company, able to set an amazing culture sound appealing? Maybe you are the outspoken leader who gets amazing results by prioritizing people, or maybe you are the quiet voice at your studio always keeping things on track. Whichever one you are, we should talk. I’m looking for incredible people first, great developers second.

This is an opportunity for us to create a working environment that is nurturing, respectful, inspiring, and fun.

The Opportunity

I am searching for a Solutions Architect to join us at the start of our journey to design and build our SaaS website, which empowers developers with social-platform-aware mechanics to inject into their games.

Candidates should have extensive experience with cloud platforms such as AWS or Azure, and senior architecture experience implementing a range of services and APIs in a Full-Stack capacity.  Ideal experience covers:

  • Front end development including dynamic dashboards
  • Back end development including account management and analytics
  • SSO / Authentication for third-party services
  • Creation of REST APIs 
  • Experience providing SaaS Micro-apps
  • Experience interfacing with social platform APIs

What makes this role special is that I am still making discoveries about this new mechanic every single day. There are ample opportunities for you to explore ideas, test theories, and bring a lot of autonomy and control to your work.

I welcome challenging ideas – I don’t know everything! And more importantly, when talking about a new-genre game, ALL assumptions have to be out the window. This is going to be a very collaborative and iterative time for November Games. It is a chance for innovative thinkers to thrive with my total support along the way.

How We Work

For the foreseeable future, November Games will be 100% remote working. All employees are asked to have 3 hours of coinciding time daily with the principal team in New Zealand (GMT+13). This is 3 hours behind Pacific Standard Time, +1 day. The team will have a daily check-in on Zoom, and communicate asynchronously on Discord. We will have game nights and other coop events to keep things light and fun.

Pay + Benefits

At its heart, Steamcore addresses inequality in the games industry, esports, and social gaming. NZ fair market rates are offered no matter where you live. Above that, I’m offering the following benefits to employees (freelancers included) who stay with us past the 90 day probation period (amounts are in NZD):

  • Free Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription
  • 1 paid day (8 hours) per month to work on your own game project.
  • $500 a year for health-related costs (Gym membership, buying a juice machine, yoga class, bicycle upgrade). 
  • $500 a year for professional / personal enrichment (Art/music class, programming class, training/certification).
  • An initial assessment of your work-from-home setup (desk, chair, webcam, ring light, room divider, headphones, mic, etc.) and we will provide a standard of high quality ergonomics and equipment for you.

How to Apply

When launching a company, you only get one chance to get things right from the start. To give November Games and Steamcore the best chances for success we should spend as much time as necessary to make sure we fit in our communication style, work ethic, and vision for the games industry.  My vision is hopeful, equal, and filled with promise, what’s yours?

Sending the basics will be helpful (resume, work samples, personal and character references, salary requirements, and anything else you are comfortable sending), but sometimes these don’t tell the whole story. If you’re keen to write a cover letter, I’d love to read a little something about an accomplishment you are proud of, a change you’ve made for yourself or for your work, or an anecdote that tells me who you are.

Send to, can’t wait to meet you!

Applications close

January 31, 2022