Member Hub: Getting Started

Q: Are the membership platform and the Member Hub the same thing?

No. The membership platform (Glue Up) is where we manage all our individual, studio and partner memberships. All member data is stored here including your contact details, subscriptions and memberships; and this is where we create some of our emails and newsletters that are delivered to you. This platform is where you can update your details and renew, or change your NZGDA membership type. The email you used when you became a member is your login username.

The Member Hub is on the NZGDA website and can be accessed by NZGDA members only.  These pages are where we share special offers & discounts on products and services; specialised resources and video library content with you.  We are fortunate and grateful to have a variety of supporters who provide these benefits specifically for NZGDA members.

When you log in to the Member Hub you do so using the same username & password as the membership platform. The Member Hub confirms your active member status and grants access.


Q: How do I access the Members Hub on the NZGDA website?

Step 1:

Start the beginning – make sure you have finished setting up your profile in the membership portal OR if you have already, login to confirm your username and password are working

iOS: My Glue app for iOS

android: My Glue app for android

Access to the Member Hub does not require you to be logged in to the membership platform (Glue Up).


Step 2:

Go to the Member Hub on the NZGDA website



Use the menu buttons to move between discounts, resources and the video library.  As they are not separate pages, the back button on your web browser will take you to the previous offer you viewed, not the previous page.

There is no need to logout of the Member Hub – just close the browser window when you’re finished. You will automatically be logged out after a specific length of time, if you close or clear your browser, or if you shut down or turn off your device.


See page 3 for the Member Hub troubleshooting FAQ

Click here to go back to the Member Hub login page

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