GDSR Update Nov 2023
24 November 2023

As the pre-registration phase for the Game Development Sector Rebate (GDSR) draws to a close on November 30th, we want to ensure that your game studio is well-prepared for the upcoming steps. Please take note of the following three crucial requirements that must be fulfilled before the upcoming deadline:

1. Pre-Registration with NZ on Air: Ensure that your studio has completed the pre-registration process with NZ on Air.

2. Confirmation of Eligibility: Confirm that you have received your eligibility confirmation from NZ on Air.

3. Submission of Estimated Eligible Expenditure Details: It is essential to submit your estimated eligible expenditure details before the registration closes on November 30th.

Failure to complete all the above requirements may impede your ability to submit a rebate claim at the end of this financial year. We strongly advise you to double-check that your studio has not only pre-registered but also submitted the estimated expenditure details within the specified timeframe.

Any enquiries about the GDSR application process should be directed to the NZ on Air team managing the rebate scheme directly by contacting them via email on, or visit the NZ on Air website at for resources and updates.
You can also visit the GDSR page on our website for more information.