Media Design School to launch pop-up arcade
29 January 2014

Semi-Arcade is launching soon… keep an eye out for this unique gaming experience coming to Ponsonby in February

Five teams who slogged it out over the weekend at Global Game Jam gathered this week at Semi-Lab in Ponsonby to embark on an exciting gaming collaboration with Semi-Permanent and Chorus.

Teams at GGJ interpreted the complex theme, “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are”, to produce a game in 48 hours.  These games will now be perfected and launched in custom arcade machines next month at Semi-Arcade.

Gameloft’s senior producer, Gustav Seymore looked over the games today to offer advice and critique and was impressed with what the teams had already produced in the short 48 hour time frame of GGJ.

Semi-Arcade will open on Thursday 20 February and will be open for the public to test their skills until March, no coins necessary.