Mini Metro wins IGF Award
26 March 2016

Robert and Peter Curry of Wellington’s Dinosaur Polo Club, the creators of the ingenious Mini Metro, came away with the Excellence in Audio Award and were nominated for four categories – including the Grand Prize – at the Independent Games Festival (IGF) this year, held during the Game Developers Conference 2016 in San Francisco.

The IGF awards are arguably the most prestigious and competitive games awards internationally, so it was an amazing achievement for Dinosaur Polo Club to not only win, but to be nominated in a whopping three other categories (Excellence Design, Visual Art, and the Grand Prize)!

Rob and Pete had this to say about the experience:

We were hoping for maybe a single nomination for Mini Metro, mainly so we didn’t have to cough up for All Access passes. When they were announced we were blown away—four nominations was completely unexpected. It’s been a real honour seeing Mini Metro up alongside the other finalists. Winning the Excellence in Audio award was the icing on the cake; I’m stoked our music collaborator Disasterpeace received such recognition for his work on the game.

After an initial round of judging by over 400 evaluators, the more than 750 entries for the 2016 IGF Awards were distributed to a group of experts from across the industry for final consideration. These expert juries specializing in distinct disciplines for each category then selected the IGF finalists after playing, discussing and rigorously evaluating them.

The other nominees were well known and highly successful games in their own right – so the competition was fierce!

TVNZ’s Seven Sharp also filmed an interview with Dinosaur Polo Club:

Well done Rob and Pete.  It’s a huge achievement that further reinforces the fact that New Zealand produces some top quality and competitive indie developers!