NZGDA screens Indie Game: The Movie
29 April 2012

INDIE GAME: THE MOVIE, directed by James Swirsky and Lisanne Pajot, looks at the underdogs of the video game industry, indie game developers, who sacrifice money, health and sanity to realize their lifelong dreams of sharing their creative visions with the world.

This Sundance award-winning film captures the tension and drama by focusing on these artists’ vulnerability and obsessive quest to express themselves through a 21st-century art form.

The film was a hit at the Game Developers Conference 2012 in San Francisco, and the NZGDA is pleased to be able to bring it to Auckland for the first Australasian screening.

Held at the Academy Cinema under the Auckland Central Library on Friday 18 May, a cashbar will be open from 8pm, with the screening at 9pm.  Purchase $10 tickets here.

It’s the perfect way to kick off the NZGDA Conference which is the next day.

Watch the trailer: