The Arcade Auckland Coworking Space
21 December 2015


The NZGDA has launched a shared work space for indie game developers called The Arcade Auckland – which is currently free for any casual NZGDA member to use and low cost for any regular member. It’s based within The Idea Collective Building at MOTAT (The Museum of Transportation and Technology) in Western Springs, Auckland.

Anyone interested in using it are welcome to drop by – but drop us a line first on to check when other developers will be there. The Arcade Auckland provides a space for developers to collaborate, solve-problems and get advice in a supportive environment.  It comes with desks for 8-10 people, wifi, a large conference area and full office amenities.  In future industry and educational events and Game Jams can be hosted at The Arcade.

The space is inspired by, but not officially affiliated with, The Arcade Melbourne which hosts a number of indie developers and is operated by our friends the Game Developers Association of Australia. The Arcade Auckland has its own Community Manager Joe Chang (also a NZGDA Board Member) to answer your questions and to work with the community to make the space and events held there valuable.  The Arcade has been open since December 2015.

Events will also be run at MOTAT who are aligned with The Arcade Auckland.

Please refer to our Facebook group for updates:

Commonly-asked Questions

Q: Where is it?
A: Currently it is located at 32 Shaddock St, Eden Tce. The space itself is inside The Idea Collective building in the heart of MOTAT. Go down the ramp and look for the geodesic dome with the Popup Arcade cabinets inside!

Q: Who is it for?
A: Indie game developers, startups, freelancers, students, programmers, artists, animators involved in game development or related creative technology fields who are NZGDA members are all welcome.  NZGDA membership is free.

Q: How do I get access?
A: You are welcome to drop-in for a trial visit, hotdesk once a week, use it for projects on weekends or become a regular tenant – just drop us a line first at (as the space is not always occupied).  Note that general hours are determined by key holders which is listed on our Facebook Group. The space is available (but not always manned) 7 days a week from 9:30AM to 5:00PM.  Contact The Arcade Auckland’s Community Manager Joe Chang on to book at time.

Q: How much will it cost?
A: For the time being the space is free for casual visitors who are NZGDA members, and there is a low cost for longer term residents.

Q: Do I need my own computer?
A: Yes, you will need to bring your own hardware (laptops/PCs) for the time being. We will look at providing PCs in the mid-long term for people to use.  Wifi is available.

Q: What office facilities does it have?
A: The Arcade Auckland is currently located in MVP Studios, which is a fully serviced managed office.