The Dusk till Dawn release sets a new record for the growing game studio
12 July 2023

Legend Story Studios, creators of the Flesh and Blood trading card game, have set an all new attendance record during pre-release weekend of the latest Flesh and Blood set, Dusk till Dawn.

Attendance numbers climbed over 17,000 global attendees of pre-release celebration events held at local game stores around the world, where players were the first to experience the ‘War of the Monarch’, the latest chapter in Flesh and Blood’s lore-driven trading card game told through gameplay.

Legend Story Studios CEO James White says that the studio is in growth mode, and is proud to be competing against some of the biggest IP franchises in the world.

“With a lot of major releases in the TCG market at the moment, competition in the industry is the highest it’s ever been. Even with this massive activity from TCG veterans and newcomers, it’s amazing to see fans of Flesh and Blood turning out to celebrate Dusk till Dawn with one another. These players become a part of the War of the Monarch story themselves, and in doing so they have helped us set an all time record for any single weekend program Legend Story Studios has run. I can’t thank our fans and players enough for their consistent support and love for our great game.”

The tenth set release since Flesh and Blood’s launch in October 2019, the Dusk till Dawn set includes 236 cards which collectively tell the story of the battle between the forces of light and shadow in Flesh and Blood. Dusk till Dawn reintroduces fan-favorite classic heroes such as Prism and Boltyn and gives many players the chance to compete with these characters for the first time in organized play, as covid restrictions prevented the Monarch limited season from running in most countries during its original release in May 2021. Players can find organized play events at their local game store on the Flesh and Blood website.

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Flesh and Blood is a hero centric fantasy trading card game which has fans equipping their hero to fight in 1v1 combat in over 30 countries around the world. Flesh and Blood challenges many fundamental laws of TCG design through a unique resource system and innovative combat dynamic, engaging players in full powered combat from the first turn of the game and wearing down as the battle progresses. For more information visit


Legend Story Studios is an independent game design and publishing company based in Auckland, New Zealand. In 2022 the studio ranked at the top spot in the Deloitte New Zealand Fast 50 Index. They design and publish the Flesh and Blood trading card game, which spent seven years in development before its worldwide debut in October 2019.


Matt Monk

Marketing and Content Director

Legend Story Studios