Balancing Monkey Games

Before is a game of rebuilding, hope and escaping from a doomed Earth. You control a small tribe of people, survivors of catastrophe, sandwiched between the End of Civilization and the literal End of the World. You must grow your tribe and their abilities to the point where you can build ships that will allow you to escape what is left of Earth before it is eaten by a Space Whale or destroyed by an asteroid.

Game play is inspired by the classic Settlers and Anno games, along with a dash of the otherworldly strangeness of Fallen London and Sunless Sea. You construct the buildings that your people need to live and work, building up from farming potatoes and cutting down trees to producing the materials need for rickety steam-ships that can take your tribe away from Earth. But the further you grow the more needs your people have, in order to be happy, safe and productive.

The other main element of the game is around the question ‘What if colonialism had been different’. As you expand, you will encounter other tribes and natural dangers. Attacking, destroying and conquering is one path to success, but will present difficulties later on. Cooperation and coexistence can be challenging, but will also bring other, possibly easier, paths to escape and survival.

You will be able to play on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android.