Desolate Spectre Studios


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Desolate Spectre Studios is a video game development studio developing dark fantasy and horror titles and content for PC and consoles. The studio was established in August 2012 in Christchurch New Zealand.

While the studio is primarily developing its own titles (Toymaker:After the Light) we are also interested in collaborations in the dark fantasy and horror genres.

The individuals comprising this exciting new enterprise are resourceful and highly skilled, and come with many combined years of experience and expertise in the industry. Our mission is to produce games of the highest possible quality and depth of content.

Desolate Spectre are passionate about their creative initiatives, and participate in a wide range of creative endeavours, including the establishment of a rock band and the development of a graphic novel.

Check out our latest game, After the Light, a zombie horror game, currently in development at

Check out Stickmen Media’s stream on twitch at to watch the game “After the Light” being developed.

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