Dinosaur Polo Club

Dinosaur Polo Club is an independent game development studio in New Zealand, founded by twins Peter and Robert Curry.

Peter and Robert both worked at Sidhe Interactive (now PikPok), New Zealand’s largest game developer, straight out of university. In August 2006 they left and started Wandering Monster Studios with fellow Sidhe alum Lloyd Weehuizen. Despite writing reams and reams of code, their plans to launch the large-scale cooperative multiplayer game Space: 1969 did not succeed. However their in-house UI toolkit, libRocket, was released and is now available as an open-source library. During 2008 Peter and Robert got out of game development and concentrated on web development; Lloyd went on to found Stray Robot Games.

Mini Metro

Five years later, in May 2013, Dinosaur Polo Club was formed to further develop the pair’s well-received Ludum Dare Jam entry, Mind the Gap. That project was eventually named Mini Metro, and is now available for Windows, OS X, Ubuntu, iOS and Android.

MiniMetro received critical acclaim and won numerous awards:

  • “Nominations for Seumas McNally Grand Prize, Design, Visual Art, and Audio, Independent Games Festival 2016” – Mini Metro, 2016
  • “Honourable Mention for Best Debut, Game Developers Choice Awards 2016” – Mini Metro, 2016
  • “Honourable Mentions for Design and Visual Art, Independent Games Festival 2015” – Mini Metro, 2015
  • “Finalist, IndieCade 2014” – Mini Metro, 2014
  • “#1 in Innovation, #7 Overall in Ludum Dare 26 (Jam)” – Mind the Gap, 2013

The team are now working on other projects.