22 April 2019

DynaKinetix is a part of the Graphic Monk Ltd companies, a multi-talented creative production house. Under the umbrella of Graphic Monk, DynaKinetix adds value to the other parts of the production business.

As creatives, we found that not all projects have the luxury of mega-production budgets and often have very creative teams behind them. Virtual productions help achieve multiple goals like Pre Vis, VFX, Green Screen, 3D Assets, Performance Capture and more.

With the addition of Marker-less Motion Capture Smartsuit, now its possible have a full body motion capture studio in your office space, basement, sound stage, or lounge, easily translating into full body animation rigging for VFX, Film, Video Games, Commercials and more.

We offer a full-service pipeline from Pre Production to Production to Post and can scale up or down depending on your project needs. We offer Motion Capture, Motion Capture Performers, Fight Direction, Film Editing, Sound Editing and Mixing, VFX, Concept Art, 3D Digital Photogrammetry Scanning for 3D Assets, and lots more.

With the combined experiences of all our team members, we are storytellers too and have been in the Film, Animation, VFX, Game Design industry for a long time. As a Studio we are always looking to push boundaries when it comes to emerging technologies, to work and consult with teams big and small globally to achieve something which might live in the realm of imagination.