2 February 2022

We create custom made games for you!

Gaming is hot! So why not surprise your customers or clients with a custom made game featuring your logo, product or service? Maybe combined with a winnable prize to get everybody into competitive mode!

We primarily develop our games in HTML5 and this means that everybody can now instantly enjoy your game on every screen (computer, tablet, smartphone) without having to download or install anything: Just click and play!

But a custom made game by is also a great way to enhance learning! Not only for kids; everybody learns better when the material is presented as a game. We have a lot of experience in developping educational games. We also specialise in games that the whole class can play (simultaneously) and where the teacher can view progress and results.

But not all games are fun! Some are dead serious (appropriately called serious games) with professional applications like simulations or interactive visualisations of data. Ask us what we can do for you!