Location Auckland

Lighstromo Studios Ltd.
10 June 2022

Lighstromo has been mainly focused on the creation of conservation-related, educational and promotional titles, and is currently working on its first 3D horror action adventure game called Binding.

15 February 2022

Launched startups that raised a total of 45M USD to date.

Rare Parrot Games
3 August 2021

A small Auckland-based game development studio working on our debut game for PC release.

9 June 2021

StaplesVR is a multidisciplinary creative technology company with work spanning across sectors such as Advertising, Entertainment, Medical, Aviation, Health and Safety, Training and beyond. ​ Our tribe are leading experts in creative technologies such as Virtual and Augmented Reality, 360 Video Production, Digital Human Capture, 3D Modelling and Emerging Technology. Our award-winning studio specialises in […]

Prismatic Studios
5 May 2021

Prismatic Studios is a game development studio founded in 2020 and residing in Auckland, New Zealand. We have worked with clients around the world in consulting, video game development, and the use of game engines for other exciting real-time applications.

Hashbane Interactive
8 March 2021

Hashbane Interactive was originally formed in 2021 by two partners, having previously worked extensively together and created successful studios over 10 years on commercial visual production in various fields, including 3D animation, architectural visualisation, video production and interactive experiences for clients across the globe and successfully completed hundreds of projects for satisfied clients from start […]

2UP Games Limited
18 January 2021

2UP Games makes mobile games to connect friends, family and strangers. We’re backed by Supercell. We’re hiring!

12 January 2021

JaffaJam is an independent game development and publishing studio based in Auckland. At JaffaJam, we take the initiative, challenging ourselves to drive success both as individuals and collectively as a company, innovating creatively through swift and efficient iteration. We have fun; we create fun!

Fantastic Foundry

Fantastic Foundry is small game developer with big dreams. Starting out with mobile game development as its what we know best. Once we have a foothold we plan to expand and move onto bigger and more ambitious projects across all platforms. Mini Golf Worlds is our first project. A fun multiplayer mini golf game you […]

Many Worlds

Many Worlds is a boutique design and development agency offering creative services and bleeding edge game, AR, VR, MR, App and Web Development.

C&C Art Studio

Founded in Auckland, New Zealand, C&C Art Studio provides high-quality digital art outsourcing services to make your product stand out in a crowd. We have an amazing and professional team led by an experienced and talented art director. Each team member has more than a decade of experience in the industry and has a strong […]

Synergy Digital

A provocative creative technology agency focused on designing innovative digital experiences.


MineScape is a studio based in Auckland, New Zealand, founded by Ashley Thew in 2019 and run by volunteer modelers, builders  & team from around the globe. We mostly focus on RPG element styled Minecraft gamemodes. The MineScape project is widely known for their RuneScape in Minecraft gamemode creation, and are set to expand into […]

[SAMPLE TEXT] Studios ltd

Sample Text Studios has been making meaningful experiences since their inception in mid-2020. Located in Auckland, New Zealand, this small indie team just wants to share that ‘Kiwi creativity’ with the rest of the world.


Mytona is a global group of companies specialising in video game development and publishing. Mytona is an international team headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand uniting industry professionals from all over the world since 2012. Mytona is the creator of hits such as Seekers Notes, Cooking Diary; and is the publisher of popular PC games Propnight […]