Location Hamilton

Nomad’s Province
11 January 2023

Nomad’s province is situated in Hamilton, New Zealand. We are currently an esports and game development studio. Nomad’s Province is currently helping shape the industry and lead esports and gaming innovation globally across the most popular esports games, creating a comprehensive ecosystem with opportunities for players, and for fans to witness the best gaming tournament […]

Far Corner Devs
18 October 2021

Solo developer based in Hamilton. Currently working on Precision Combat based Endless runner “Foot Joust”. Have also worked on high scoring Game Jam entries like “Intern: An Intern’s Guide to Maintaining Internal Rage”.

Unearthed Studios
22 January 2021

Based in Hamilton, we’re a small independent studio founded in 2014.  Our core passion centers around the pc rpg genre and we’re doing our best to capture the formula of deep, immersive game-play that balances fresh new ideas with an oldskool traditional feel.

2UP Games Limited
18 January 2021

2UP Games makes mobile games to connect friends, family and strangers. We’re backed by Supercell. We’re hiring!

Blackout Games
13 January 2021

We’re building a brand new game platform for desktop and mobile. Our mission is to be the world leader in sports manager games. Blackout Rugby Manager is now available in Early Access! ????

BigBoyPants Studio
13 March 2019

Blackout Sports
30 September 2016

Blackout Sports is based in Hamilton, New Zealand with an established brand and passion for sports management games. We are growing our vision to move beyond text-based browser games to compete on the world stage by building innovative, visual and social mobile games.