Wellington Games Week 13th – 19th October


Attention investors, publishers, distributors, and those seeking or selling B2B services: embrace the unique opportunity to delve into the dynamic realm of game development by attending the inaugural Wellington Games Week in New Zealand, nestled between Melbourne Games Week and SXSW Sydney. Here, you’ll have direct access to a diverse array of exceptional studios spearheading groundbreaking projects.

From pioneering gameplay mechanics to captivating narratives, New Zealand’s game development landscape is flourishing, presenting an ideal environment for investment, collaboration, and partnership.

Don’t let this chance slip away to cultivate valuable connections and witness firsthand the innovation propelling the future of video games. Join us in Wellington and become an integral part of the extraordinary journey shaping the games industry’s narrative.

Wellington Games Week is strategically positioned between Melbourne Games Week and South By Southwest Sydney, offering a week filled with activities and events dedicated to nurturing the growth of NZ Game Development. Below is a list of activities scheduled to take place during Wellington’s inaugural Game Week:


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