Information about the Screen Industry Workers Act 2022
13 November 2023

Who’s covered by the Screen Industry Workers Act?

Whether someone meets the Act’s definition of a “screen production worker” depends on what productions they work on and the type of work they do.

Productions covered by the Act are films, programmes, commercials and games. Programmes not covered include news, sports, and those for training and instructional purposes.

A variety of people directly involved in the creation of these productions are covered by the Act. However, the Act does not cover staff providing support services, such as legal, accounting, marketing or management services that make a peripheral contribution to the creation of a screen production. The Act does not cover anyone working for a company whose primary business isn’t in the screen industry. Amateur and volunteer work is also excluded.

If a worker or production is not covered by the Act, then standard employment or contract law will apply, as relevant.

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