Kiwi Jam
12 August 2013

FLOOR LOCATION UPDATED:   Bottom floor.  If you are facing the information desk, turn around, walk forward and look down off the mezzanine.
The NZGDA are throwing a 2 day Game Jam on August 31 and September 1 at AUT University in Auckland.  

Anyone can join and the rules are simple.  You just have to come along and make a game between 9am Saturday morning and 7pm Sunday evening.  

There will be a list of Bonus Feature Achievements – such as themes and easter eggs.  At 7:30 on Sunday the “crowd favourites” categories are chosen (for glory – not prizes) and the weekend ends…

…but the fun doesn’t stop there.  If want, you can use your entry for the NZGDA Windows 8 Competition AND the Global Unity3D Windows Contest for a shot at some awesome prizes.  You can even keep working on your game!*

This event is proudly sponsored by the Windows 8 Team at Microsoft – who will be at the event to help you with technical issues and give out some small prizes at the closing ceremony – and hosted by AUT CoLab

Register here and get those creative juices flowing. 

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Do I need a team?
Nope.  Just show up on the day.

Do I need a computer?
At this stage we don’t have computers available with Unity3D and Adobe CS etc…  but we hope to.  We advise that you bring your own laptop.  There is plenty of space, power and furniture.

Is there wifi?
Yup.  Fast and free.  Guest accounts will be available all over the venue thanks to CoLab and AUT University.

What software should I use?
We recommend that you use Unity3D.  Makes it easy for everyone to help AND it means that you can enter your game in to the contests.

What are Bonus Feature Achievements?
A full list of achievements (such as “Make a game that only uses one button) will be unveiled in an official online opening announcement on the NZGDA website on Friday 30th at 7:00PM.  Although they are not “rules” they are fun ways to push your project along.  If you can include some of these bonus features you’ll get…  glory and bragging rights.

There are prizes for the Windows 8 Contests, but are there prizes at this Game Jam?
The focus is on fun and creativity so most of the awards are imaginary – but there will be a few small prizes awarded on the day thanks to Microsoft.  And you can take your entry in to the local and global Unity Windows 8 comps for some VERY nice prizes.

Do I have to start the game from scratch on the Saturday?
No.  In fact we encourage those who have already started the local or global comps to work on them on-site over the weekend.  However, there WILL be Bonus Feature Achievement for games made within the weekend, on-site and incorporating the random themes.

What is the theme?
When we officially announce the start of the event we will also click the generator eight times.  What the screen says, will become the theme.  I just tried it and got STRATEGIC FUNK GOLD – what a waste!

Where is the event?
It’s in the same building as the NZGDC13.  AUT University, WG Sir Paul Reeves Building, 2 Governor Fitzroy Place, Auckland 1010.  Bottom floor.  If you are facing the information desk, turn around, walk forward and look down off the mezzanine.

Where can I eat?
We are 5 mins walk from the middle of Queen Street.

When does the venue close?
We are still negotiating with security – but for now we can safely say late (about midnight).  But you can still work from home over night if you can’t get to sleep.  Although we encourage you to come back.

*Some conditions apply.