Gaming growth levels up says Minister
11 December 2020

New Zealand’s game development sector continues to go from strength to strength despite COVID challenges.

The Minister for the Digital Economy and Communications, David Clark, welcomed a news the game development sector’s exports grew by more than 59 per cent in the year to April 2020 to reach $324 million.

“This is a fantastic result and shows the strength of the industry. This industry has a record of outstanding success, averaging 43 per cent growth over the last eight years – something that not even COVID-19 could slow down,” said David Clark.

The results were announced by the New Zealand Game Developers Association following their annual survey. The same survey indicates that the industry’s export value has risen a whopping 59 per cent over the year to April 2020, and that 96 per cent of that revenue was generated in the global market.

“This sector has a goal of being a billion sector as soon as 2025, which is a fantastic result and speaks to the quality of the companies and intellectual property being generated in New Zealand and is supporting cities like Dunedin which is home to the Centre of Digital Excellence (CODE).

“However, most of the growth was from well-established firms. The challenge for us and the sector is growing new competitive firms and helping them develop investment-ready products” said David Clark.

Interactive media is part of the government’s Digital Technologies Industry Transformation Plan, and that work includes building and sustaining a stronger pipeline of businesses and talent here in New Zealand.

“The Industry Transformation Plan will collectively help us set the direction for the Digital Technologies sector for the next twenty to thirty years. As these results highlight, we have a strong foundation for future growth, and an opportunity to leverage our creativity and success to date to build a truly global industry based here in New Zealand.

“I am confident that this industry will continue to help our economic recovery from COVID-19 through delivering weightless exports, continuing to create jobs throughout New Zealand, and by developing a range of products for a global audience, whether they be an entertainment game, or a serious game that supports mental wellbeing or health and safety training.

“I am excited to see this industry progress and look forward to working with it on the opportunities ahead,” David Clark said.