Miramar Creative Centre Grant Open For Applicants
3 February 2022

The Miramar Creative Centre Grant is a $2,200 micro-grant aimed at supporting entry-level & emerging interactive projects in New Zealand.

Entries for the Miramar Creative Centre’s Grant for emerging interactive kiwi projects are now open. The deadline for applications for the current cycle is the 3rd of April 2022.

Thanks to the kind sponsorship of the Wellington ICT Graduate School, the Miramar Creative Centre Grant has been able to offer $2,200 micro-funds aimed at supporting entry-level & emerging interactive projects across New Zealand.

Games, Apps, AR, VR, Film, Comics and Interactive screen-based projects are all eligible to apply.

Applicants must apply through the Artizen.fund website, and are encouraged to prepare pitch material including

  • a project description
  • a brief plan or timeline
  • concept imagery to represent the submission.


Students, graduates, and industry newcomers are encouraged to apply, and unsuccessful applicants will be able to receive feedback on their submissions and re-apply for future cycles of this micro-grant.

In addition to the cash prize, winning projects will also receive mentorship and the opportunity to give a talk to grant supporters, discussing their work and the manner in which the micro-grant assisted with project development.

The Miramar Creative Centre Grant aims to serve as a valuable learning experience for emerging creatives who are unfamiliar with the process of securing funding, pitching projects, and completing deliverables.

A winning entry is chosen at the end of each grant cycle.

To find out more, or make an application, please visit the Artizen.fund website.


Artizen.fund is an open source platform that curates artist grants through a community-led review process. Artizen hosts grants internationally, and provides accessible infrastructure for grant sponsorship from established studios and businesses within creative sectors.


What are the eligibility criteria?

Winning projects must adhere to the following criteria:

  1. Projects must be in-development and unreleased
  2. Lead creative must be based in New Zealand
  3. Project must be visually narrative and make use of digital, immersive, or realtime technologies


How do I apply?

Visit the Miramar Creative Centre Grant page on the Artizen.fund website. www.artizen.fund/grant/miramar-creative-centre-grant

  1. Make an Artizen Account (requires valid email & password).
  2. Fill out your Artizen Profile & create a Project Page
  3. Submit your Project to the Miramar Creative Centre Grant


An example of a past winning project can be viewed here: https://www.artizen.fund/project/remembrance–1580457818552/overview

Artizen Terms and Conditions can be viewed here: https://help.artizen.fund/en/collections/2704063-artizen-policy

If you have any specific queries or concerns please contact the Fund Administrators via the Artizen.fund website.