NZGDA 2019/2020 Elections

Are you a community minded game developer who wants to grow New Zealand’s game development sector? Then consider standing for the New Zealand Game Developers Association Board!

Important dates

  • Tue 22 October 2019 – Deadline for candidates to submit their statements
  • Fri 25 October 2019 – Candidate statements published on and online ballots emailed to all current NZGDA members
  • Tue 5 Nov 2019 – Voting closes & results announced at the NZGDA Annual General Meeting, Wellington

The New Zealand Game Developers Association was formed in 2001 to champion, support and grow video game development in New Zealand. It is a not-for-profit incorporated society, and the elected Board is responsible for coordinating the activities of the Association.

You can learn more about our role and activities here:

The NZGDA welcomes diverse candidates from across New Zealand in any role or craft who are current members of the Association.


The Board has 9 members who are elected for a one year term.


Chair Board and annual meetings, responsible for annual planning, delegates responsibilities to other Board Members and volunteers, first point of contact for stakeholder or potential member enquiries, spokesperson on industry issues.


Manage the membership database, manage finances including annual reports, record minutes, manage assets and subscriptions.

Board Members

Carry out and provide guidance on the activities of the Association.

Specific roles and responsibilities are defined by the new Board when they elected each year. In general it is expected that each Board Member is responsible for leading 1-2 annual initiatives. For example in 2018, Board members took on responsibility for NZGDC, Kiwi Game Starter, GDC Scholarships, diversity initiatives, annual industry survey and government relations.


Being on the NZGDA Board is a fantastic opportunity to bring positive change to our local industry. Although the newly elected Board can form their own priorities, here is what you can expect based on past years:

  • Attend 1 hour Board Meetings on Google Hangouts every 2 weeks. For the first 1-2 months calls may happen more frequently to establish momentum.
  • Travel to and attend a full-day planning workshop
  • Be responsible for managing and providing feedback on the Association’s activities, such as diversity initiatives, NZGDC, Kiwi Game Starter, ongoing government relations, outreach initiatives, etc.
  • Attend NZGDC
  • Be a continual champion for your local community and the NZGDA

While the positions is voluntary and unpaid, the Association reimburses any personal expenses and travel incurred for Association business.

How to stand for the Board

Please use this online form to submit a 300 word statement about yourself and your candidacy by 5pm, 22 October 2019 to

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact or ask a current Board Member.