Regicide card game Trending #1 on Boardgamegeek
10 September 2021

Kiwi-published card game Regicide is currently the hottest tabletop game in the world. It sits atop “The Hotness” list at; the IMdb of boardgames. Regicide beat out major license games Dune: Imperium and Marvel Champions to take the #1 spot on the 25th of August.

So what makes Regicide so impressive? Despite the fact that it can be played with any standard deck of cards, a custom deck with illustrations by popular NZ artist Sketchgoblin (DJ Phillips) raised over $57 thousand NZ dollars on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter during the first lockdown in 2020. As the game spread, positive reviews of the cooperative game came pouring in.

Regicide is a cooperative game so difficult you and your friends will celebrate each rare victory. This challenge, and cooperative element, combined with tight tactical game decisions keep players coming back for more.

In Regicide the players are working together to defeat the corrupted monarchs (the face cards) by playing cards from their hand, attempting to defeat all 12 without any player running out of cards in their hand. Each suit provides a unique, neatly interwoven action when played; drawing more cards, dealing extra damage to the enemy, returning played cards to the deck, and reducing the attack value of the evil regent.

Rich in tactical decision-making with plenty of tricks to discover, Regicide has found wide appeal among both hobby gamers and fans of traditional card games alike.

With high-quality gameplay and a fantasy-themed deck, Regicide caught the attention of the very discriminating hobby-game market that uses Boardgamegeek as the main aggregate of information, reviews, and media for over 125,600 different tabletop games.

Regicide was created by kiwis Paul Abrahams, Luke Badger, and Andy Richdale, with art by DJ Phillips ( When not losing games to their own kids, Paul, Luke and Andy spend their spare time working on game designs as the design studio Badgers From Mars.

You can learn more about Regicide and download the rules for free from the publisher’s site,, or from its listing on Boardgamegeek: