Trigger Witch: First NZ-made game to run natively on PS5
12 January 2022

Rainbite’s “Trigger Witch” will become the first New Zealand-made game to run natively on the PS5 platform when it is released there later this month (21 January 2022).

The PS5 version will be a free upgrade for PS4 owners, while physical copies for the PS5 will ship later in January. This makes it the first NZ-made title to run physical copies on the platform too.

It’s an exciting time for the small, dedicated Auckland-based studio, after a hugely successful 2021 saw their 2D 16-bit style, violent-packed spin on colorful pixel art create immediate fans across Xbox, Nintendo and Playstation platforms.

Trigger Witch quickly amassed the accolades including winning “Excellence in Accessibility” and “The Perfect Recipe” at the 2021 PAVS: NZ Game Awards.


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