Weta Workshop

Based in Wellington, New Zealand, Weta Workshop has been creating amazing, fantastical props, costumes and film sets for many years, and is renowned for its ability to create intricate, detailed worlds and tell immersive stories.

More recently, Weta Workshop has expanded to take on projects across additional digital and entertainment mediums, including a partnership with Spatial Computing pioneers Magic Leap. This has necessitated the formation of a division specifically to develop games and other spatial computing experiences for the revolutionary Magic Leap platform.

The Weta Workshop game studio, known internally as Gameshop, is made up of an eclectic mix of game developers, musicians, artists and passionate industry professionals.

The team consists of a diverse range of developers from many nationalities, and we pride ourselves on our unique studio culture, which espouses a strong work/life balance, standard working week and above all else, a sense of fun and mischievous enjoyment, while strongly embracing cultural diversity and individuality.