Member Hub: Basic troubleshooting

Q: Why am I getting a email or password incorrect error when I try to log in to the Members Hub?

This occurs when the username or password are incorrect.

Your username is the email that you used when you signed up for your NZGDA membership, and the password was created when you set up your member profile for the first time.

If you have forgotten your password

  • Go to the membership platform (Glue Up)
  • At the login screen select your preferred method to reset your password (passcode or reset password)
  • Complete the reset password process – you should now be logged in to the membership platform (Glue Up)
  • You can take a moment to check your contact details, membership status and subscriptions as these are all managed here
  • Log out of the membership platform (Glue Up)
  • Return to the Member Hub and enter the same username and password
    • if you are using a password manager (safari, lastpass etc) we recommend entering the password manually the first time you access the Members Hub
  • Enjoy the member discounts and resources

If you have forgotten your username (the email associated with your membership)

If you no longer use the email address associated with your NZGDA membership



Q: I get an error message – account not found – why is that?

If you receive the error message “account not found” when trying to log in to the membership platform (Glue Up), and you are an active NZGDA member, it is usually because you haven’t finished setting up your profile.

  • Email and we will re-send you the activation email with the link to complete your profile.
  • Once you have completed your profile, you can log out of the membership platform (Glue Up) and go to the Member Hub to access your exclusive discounts and resources.



Q: I’ve tried to log back in a few times, why can’t I get in?

For your security, access to the Member Hub is locked for 24 hours after 5 failed login attempts.  If you have tried 5 or more times, please wait 24 hours before trying again.



If you would like further support accessing the membership platform (Glue Up) to manage your contact details, membership or subscriptions; or the NZGDA Member Hub, please email and we will be happy to help you.


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