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Got a minute? Play some of the best games by NZ school students
25 August 2017

Primary and secondary students made dozens of digital games and board games as part of a national education competition. The best of these are now online in a winners’ showcase, including two games you can play during your coffee break.

New digital game on the future curriculum
29 February 2016

Players of NZCER’s new app game must put forward their best argument to shape the future of education. Curriculum for the Future: The Digital Game is one in a series of three resources designed to generate thought-provoking conversations about learning and curriculum today and in the future. Curriculum for the future is the first resource of its kind to be produced […]

Kiwi kids bring Anzac history to life In Minecraft®
10 April 2014

Auckland War Memorial Museum has teamed up with Media Design School and their ‘Pick & Shovel’ community to recreate ANZAC history in Minecraft®.

Masterclass with Valve/Weta game designer Laura Dubuk
5 February 2014

Media Design School will host a weekend masterclass with Laura Dubuk who has designed, modelled and textured environments for Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead, Alien Swarm and Portal 2 at Valve. The hands-on masterclass will be held at Media Design School March 22 and 23 and cover level design, digital painting, character design and a portfolio […]

Games deliver new insights into autism
16 September 2013

A free iPad game is giving the medical fraternity something to think about as it delivers fresh observations about children with Autism and Asperger Syndrome. Nurfland is the first in a series of games being developed by Project Autismus, a not-for-profit group of game developers, parents, Media Design School students and psychologists in New Zealand, […]